Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happily, Hopelessly Sidetracked

The plan this morning was to begin putting a few fall touches in the kitchen.  Not feeling ready for pumpkins quite yet, I thought I'd head in the apple direction.  So, off to the attic to see what I could find.

Along with the apples, I brought down these wooden blocks and somehow found myself spelling this which somehow ended up next to that old photo of my mom and her dearest friends. 

My thoughts turned from apples to eggs when I came across these salt & pepper shakers.  Given to me as a gift by mom and her dear friend when I was a newlywed, they made me think of how much those two women loved to shop for "bargains."  Remembering their excitement when they brought them to me, I knew they needed to be part of the decor.

That old photo is nothing fancy, but when I look at it I feel like I can almost hear the laughter that was always present when these friends got together.  I'm pretty sure I can even smell the coffee and knowing them if there was coffee, there was also dessert.  Very likely a pie.  Mmmm ... warm memories.

When I was done, I noticed that there wasn't a single apple on display, but instead there were a few shelves that made me smile.  My quirky collection of odds and ends conjure up memories of  HAPPY TIMES for me.

As is often the case around here, once I finished that area, I decided the shelves in my glass front cupboards could use a little attention so ....

out to the garage for the step stool to get the teapot down from the top shelf and move it to the bottom shelf.

which led to moving these off of the bottom shelf.

and then subtracting a few items from this shelf.  Does it seem odd to you to have a petite high chair on your kitchen shelf?

I might have thought that too, until I saw the bunny ... with the hoe and he is carrying a carrot which definitely makes him qualify for the kitchen, right ;D.  I guess today he should be carrying an apple, but maybe he is as sidetracked as I am.

It's hard to tell by looking, but I was up and down the stairs and step stool today more times than I can count.  
Once I was done the cupboard looked much neater and better organized.

The island ... well that's another matter entirely ;/.


  1. Oh Kim....it is so cute...I love it all, but I squealed when I saw the high chair...oh my goodness...that is adorable. It looks like the same style as my little doll rocker....

  2. Kim, you have the prettiest treasures, and you do such a fantastic job displaying them. I must confess to decorating with fall colors around here as we had to gather our pumpkins this week, and I guess because of the looong hot summer, I am so ready for fall. I will try and refrain from showing them to quickly. ~smile~ As always a joy to visit.

  3. You might be asking the wrong people here, but I think that little high chair belongs on that shelf! Looks beautiful!

  4. Kim
    I love your blues and yellows!
    Your collections are sweet too!
    And those figurines are adorable.

  5. The shelves looks so sweet with the salt and pepper shakers and the wonderful pictures of your mother that brings back such wonderful memories. Happy times for sure! I just love your blue and white and yellow kitchen!!
    I agree that it's too early for pumpkins. My door wreath has apples and pears on it. Those "back to school" fruit make a good transition to fall during these last days of summer.

  6. Hi Kim...so charming and so pretty! Thank you for sharing! Hugs ♥ Teri

  7. Beautiful kitchen!

    Your island is a staging place! My table fills that role when I am reorganizing and redecorating!

    Sweet stories about your items,and your mom and her friends!


  8. Sometimes the best things come out of being sidetracked! Your cupboard looks lovely. And think of all the exercise you got going up and down the steps to the attic!

    Your kitchen is lovely.


  9. It looks so nice...the blue and yellow is very pretty. I always get sidetracked too...usually make more of a mess than anything else!

  10. Oh, that little high chair is the Cutest thing! It looks adorable on your shelf. Have a nice day! Twyla

  11. Love the whimsy of your beautiful and CLEAN kitchen. And I love the photo you have of your mother and her friends. Such memories of my mother and hers live in memory alone. That little high chair is sweet. Was it a toy you had as a little girl?

  12. Hi Kim, I say anything goes when it comes to decorating. Love all your bits and pieces on the shelf. And your kitchen is lovely!

    What an interesting post on the hummingbirds. I cannot believe that a praying mantis can eat a hummer. Yikes! My 12 year old hates bugs and when we went to Sri Lanka and stayed in a bungalow, there was a praying mantis on a picture frame in the kids room -- of course, he freaked, and we had to get one of the workers to get rid of it while we were out. :/

    Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  13. Vee,
    No, it came from an antique store.

  14. Your kitchen looks so inviting! Would love to share a cup of coffee and admire all of your teasures!

  15. I love the little girl with the pie and the beautiful cookbook! Such wonderful memories of the past, too! We need those...makes us happy! Did you eat the apple? Looks good! ♥

  16. What a happy way to get side tracked. Your home is lovely and all your cute little collections of things makes it all so pretty and welcoming.
    I love your home!!!

  17. Don't ya just love decroating for Fall? I really liked the picture of your mom and her friends. Old pictures are priceless. Your kitchen is so charming. I just did a post on my Fall decorations. I'm a little early, but can't help it - my favorite season.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  18. Kim, your kitchen is so beautiful.... I love the colors, so cheerful.
    You have so many sweet and wonderful pieces from your past.
    I love the little high chair.... so sweet with the baby dish....
    I'm thinking the little doll looks like a 'cupey doll'....so cute!!!

  19. Fun stuff! Rearranging is laced with gratefulness, isn't it? All those memories and attentions paid to joyful doings, well, WHAT a mood lifter, right? Your kitchen is beautiful!

  20. You certainly have a knack for creating beautiful vignettes. Could you come to my house? What a cheerful, sunny, and colorful kitchen you have! I am sure it brightens everyone's day when they step into it. The highchair is my favorite! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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