Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkins on the Porch and Perfect Weather

Our fall weather has been nothing short of glorious this year.
The bluest of skies accompanied by cool temperatures and fresh, fresh air.  In fact, on Sunday the weather was so perfect I wanted to figure out a way to make it last forever.  I took a walk, washed my car, planted flowers and sat outside feeling so thankful for such a beautiful day.

On a day like that I find it hard not to smile.
It just feels good to be alive. 

When I bought my pansies and mums, I couldn't resist adding this pretty coneflower to the cart.  It's called "Hot Summer", but I think it looks more like fall.

Speaking of mums, I was thrilled to find this one at a small local nursery for an unbelievably low price.  It is so huge I could barely find the pot when I went to lift it up.  The mum is completely covering the pot and looks a bit like a big mum ball.

The big mum now has a big pumpkin to keep it company.
Brett and I have been slackers in the carving department since the nest became empty.  I'm bound and determined to change that this year. 

My goal is to have that pumpkin turned into a jack-o-lantern long before the trick or treaters arrive.  Wish me luck =).  I think I'm going to need it ;-).


  1. Sounds like a huge task with it's being so big. If you do it together, it'll be so much fun!

    That yellow mum is gorgeous as all your flowers are. Hope that they are with you through Thanksgiving.

    Our weather has been up and down. Some delightful days with days of rain. Yours are perfect and I know that you are enjoying them!

  2. I love that coneflower - I haven't seen that one! I agree with you that it looks like fall....

    Have fun carving!


  3. That mum is gorgeous! You have a beautiful Fall porch! ♥

  4. You autumn decorations are just lovely! That big mum, WOW. I love the little pumpkin trick or treater beside your door, she is adorable!



  5. Love the 'mum ball' ... perfection description! I adore the little pumpkin-headed figure to the right ... adorable!

  6. I liked what you said about smiling and happy to be alive. I so love that feeling...and Fall is one of my favorites....

  7. What a welcoming doorway you have at your home! The huge yellow mum ball is so beautiful and looks so nice sitting in that iron stand. Like you, we have slacked off with the pumpkin carving since being empty nesters. Can't wait to see what you produce:) I also agree with you, that this fall weather is so invigorating. Another lovely post!

  8. I love day like that. : )
    The flowers are beautiful.
    Always enjoy stopping by here!
    Nice to hear that you are walking!!

  9. Hi Kim,
    I'm so excited. I got a message on a post from Gayle at Garden of Daisies and found your address!!! My computer crashed AGAIN and I lost all my blog names!! ARGHHHH I have been missing you!! I was so excited! I'm going to write them down on paper now! HA!
    So glad to find you again....It will take me a bit to get caught up on you but I will.
    I've missed you!

  10. Hi Kim! Your fall porch is beautiful. And the mum is so full and perfect looking! Good luck with the pumpkin carving.

  11. Oh Kim, your front porch and front door are so beautiful and soooo inviting. I love the peek in your front door.

    The flowers and pumpkin are so pretty, but that huge yellow mum is GORGEOUS!!!!

  12. Beautiful photos, love the pretty mums and you have a very beautiful front door ;)

  13. Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  14. The weather has been pretty here, too! Turned a bit cool the last couple of days. Still loving the flowers and green grass. I hope they stay for awhile.
    Your front entrance look adorable.
    I'm pulling for you to get that pumpkin carved. (smile)

  15. Your photos today were so colorful and cheerful. I really enjoyed them. Loved the flowers coming out of the pumpkin.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. Hi Kim...such fall beauty that you have shared! Have a lovely weekend! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  17. Kim, your flowers and fall decorations are lovely. That is a great color coneflower! Yes, this weather has been fantastic ~ enjoy it, and enjoy your weekend. Happy carving!


  18. And do we get to see your completed Jack-o-lantern?

    The big mum...extra large pumpkin...and the coneflower...are all lovely signs of fall. Enjoy the season!

  19. Such a warm and inviting entry to your home ~ so beautiful. Happy to hear you are having a wonderful autumn! It is a delightful time of year :)

  20. Yes, that pumpkin has a lot of guts. I can tell.
    You're world looks lovely, homey, and inviting! Happy Fall!

  21. I love your darling decorations and your glorious flowers! Hey if you don't get the pumpkin carved it can last through Thanksgiving....?


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