Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Sleigh Ride Together With You

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the busyness of the Christmas season?  Wish you could get away from it all for a little while?
If so, then I invite you to hop into the sleigh as we go for a quick trip to the mountains of North Carolina.

We'll leave the to do list behind as we make our way to the DuPont State Forest where we can soak up the beauty of nature as our stresses slowly melt away.  The never ending list of things to be accomplished at home will be a distant memory as we momentarily replace the Christmas carols with the sounds of birdsong and waterfalls. 

There will be plenty of time to reflect ...
to put it all into perspective ...
decide what really matters at Christmastime ...
to appreciate our families, our health ... today ~ this beautiful day that has been given to us. 

After we have had time to unwind and reflect, we'll dash through the mountains to the Grove Park Inn to see the National Gingerbread House Competition in full swing.  Perhaps we will pick up a few ideas for holiday baking.

See anything you'd like to try at home?
Amazing aren't they?
As a matter of fact, this sleigh we're riding in is also made of gingerbread!  No worries though, it's built to last.

Before heading back home, we'll make one last stop at Lake Junaluska where we can stretch our legs by taking a walk around the lake.  It's about 2-1/2 miles of lovely sights.  Ready??  Here we go ...

Thank you for joining me on my sleigh ride today.
May the weeks leading to Christmas find you feeling refreshed and content.


  1. Thank you, Kim. You both "took me away" and "kept me focused." A gingerbread sleigh ride. Who knew?!

  2. Kim
    This was perfect timing for a sleigh ride to take me away. The photos were beautiful. That Inn is fabulous with all that stacked stone; my kind of place!
    Thanks for the trip!

  3. Thanks for the ride..beautiful! I wish we really could do that. When I was a kid, a neighboring farmer with a black team of horses would come around and pick us up and take us on a real sleigh ride, bells a I would love to do that now! ;D

  4. The pictures are so pretty! Love the gingerbread houses! Remind me NOT to show the one hubby and I did! Enjoy!

  5. Hi Kim ♥ Such beautiful photos! Thank you! Hugs ♥ Teri

  6. Oh, what a beautiful sleigh ride, Kim! I needed that! Lovely place and wonderful gingerbread houses.

  7. It's all so lovely! How I would love to see North Carolina someday! That is where my neighbors are from.

  8. I loved the sleigh ride! The photos are all beautiful. Thanks!

  9. Hi sweet Kim!
    Thank you for the sleigh ride! I loved it! I want to see that stone building in real life! I've always loved structures made of stone.
    Oh, I wish you a rollicking day of Christmas joy! (BIG HUG!)

  10. What a delightful post. Great photos and a great sleigh ride.
    I'd love to walk around that lake!! : )

  11. I definitely see some familiar scenes! When I first moved to NC I lived in Madison county and shopped in Waynesville! It was beautiful year round! You took some amazing photos! I know you had fun! ♥♥♥

  12. Oh Kim, the only thing that would have made this lovely, much needed visit to your blog any better, would have been to actually walk that 2 1/2 mile walk around the lake. What a beautiful place to walk! I really enjoyed every picture and the way you actually made me feel relaxed as I read what you wrote. A sleigh ride was just what I needed this evening, because I do find myself feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all that I need to do. Thank you for another lovely post!

  13. Thanks for the sleigh ride! I love our North Carolina mountains any time of the year. The gingerbread houses are unbelievable. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

  14. A break from the busyness is good...and a sleigh ride is perfect! A lovely spot to visit...for sure. Thanks!

  15. I've never been to north looks so beautiful!
    Thanks for the exciting sleigh was fun and I loved the ginger bread houses.

  16. Thanks for slowing me down a bit. Life has been stressful for me lately. I wish I come for a sleigh ride, looks like beautiful country! I loved your ornaments.

  17. What wonderful gingerbread creations and a lovely ride though the park! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  18. Hi Kim,
    I really needed that sleigh ride! Thanks for taking me along.
    I went to the Grove Park Inn last year but didn't get a chance to get up there this year. I guess you just have to pick and choose sometimes.
    As far as my garland on the stairs and catwalk, they are electric. I plug on into the other till they get down to my bedroom and I run a cord under the door behind a chest. I use a clicker to turn them on and off. On the other side I connect them all down to the other bedroom doorway and use a clicker that is plugged in behind a bed. Hardly noticeable to anyone.
    I hope that helps or I could send a pic to you how I do it.
    Loved looking at some of your pretty decorations!
    Merry Christmas!


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