Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dish Washing Fun

Today was a good day for dish washing.
It was actually good for a whole lotta things, but like every day the dishes had to be washed and things just seemed to fall into place to make it a pleasurable experience.  I daresay it might even qualify as a sensory experience.  Come along and I'll show you what I'm talking about.
We'll start with a February day with temperatures in the mid 70s ... blue skies with a few puffy clouds scattered about ... fresh, gentle breezes blowing ...  sound good so far?
The sink is filled with hot, soapy water, but there's something missing.  Let's go outside and see if we can find it.

I think we need one of these ...

and a handful of these.

We'll put them right in front of the kitchen sink ... at eye level.
Pretty to look at and that hyacinth will perfume the air and bring to mind thoughts of springtime.  Drifting off to the land of springtime is sure to make the dish washing go faster, don't you think?

Once the flowers are in place, we'll need to open the window.
Those gentle breezes and birdsong will further enhance the mood we are creating.  Okay, let's see ... we can see beautiful blue skies, pretty spring flowers and little birdies at the window, we can hear birds chirping,breezes blowing, and bubbles bursting.  We can smell fresh air, spring flowers and dish washing soap.  We can feel the warm bubbly water and ...

the softness of the dishcloth and dish towel.
Now while we will enjoy the softness... I don't think we will let the dishes enjoy the softness quite yet because these are the special linens that are to look at and not use.  At least not yet.

They were both handmade by two different talented blog friends.
The beautiful dishcloth was made by Karen (aka:  HappyOne).  She had a giveaway for two dishcloths and I wasn't the winner, but at the same time all who entered were winners as she so kindly sent everyone who entered a dishcloth.  You can read about her giveaway here.  Thank you, Karen.

The beautiful dish towel was made by Vee (aka:  A Haven for Vee).  This was another giveaway with a twist.  In this case we didn't even know there was a giveaway until the winner was announced and then I thought I had won a cookie cutter in the shape of a moose (which I did, by the way), but he brought along with him this lovely dish towel that matches my kitchen perfectly, just like Karen's dishcloth.  Amazing and wonderful. 
If I have completely confused you about this giveaway, you may want to read all about it here.  I think I may have even confused myself ;-).  At any rate, one thing I'm not confused about is the kindness shown to me by two special bloggers.

Now, you may have noticed that four of the five senses were covered in our dish washing experience above ... you may be thinking "what about taste?"  Well, since I didn't think dish soap or flowers would taste too good, I think we'll give it a post all to itself and it most likely will involve a certain moose cookie cutter.  Stay tuned ... and since I fear I may be causing more confusion the more I talk, I'll just quit talking and throw in the towel.

I mean ... hang up the towel.
This concludes another spellbinding post from my Happy Home.


  1. I do love washing dishes..and the flowers and view out your window are sweet. Love the dish towels! I just don't like to do it ALL the time. :D

  2. I agree Love the flowers and the cute dishtowels. I also love washing my dishes and looking out my window. Actually washing dishes calms my nerves.

  3. Well, personally, I loved it! How cute to have the yellow gingham behind the the blue/yellow combinations.

    Now, how did you get that shot outdoors where your kitchen is in plain view and your yard is as well? Amazing!

  4. I too like washing dishes.
    What a beautiful lovely post.
    Sounds like spring has arrived down by you. Such pretty flowers.
    You are more than welcome!!
    BTW- supper WAS yummy!! : )

  5. Everything is pretty here, Kim.
    Sweet gifts from blog friends are always a joy, aren't they?
    It snowed here AGAIN! We had a late start to school.

  6. I like washing dishes...but like doing laundry even better! I love your pretty things...especially the dish towel. Special gifts make us feel special! ♥

  7. You are so clever and cute.... I love this post!!! The beautiful flowers, and dish towels are perfect for your home.

  8. I have to confess that I don't like washing dishes. I just load the dishwasher and let it do all the work! Love your dishcloth and dishtowel, pretty! And, oh, I'd sure like to have some flowers to pick about now! I love the scent of hyacinths.

  9. ...even dishwashing can be fun! Your home looks beautiful!

  10. You have the happy knack of finding pleasure in small things:-)

  11. You want to know what your "spellbinding" post did for me today? It lifted my spirits, brightened the cold, wet morning blues,and gave me a smile. I could almost smell the hyacinth and the generosity of friends is always a way of adding joy to ordinary days. I do think I would wash dishes all day, if I had the window you have to stare out of:)

  12. Love the dishtowel! Looks very nice. And the flowers are really pretty. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Karen and Vee sure did bless you richly and the two things go so perfectly together!

    I don't mind washing dishes by hand but do prefer the DW. A pet peeve of mine is having dishes left in the sink.

    Have a great weekend!!


  14. Kim as always a joy to visit you. I enjoy hand washing our dishes as I have a beautiful view outside my window. I was looking at our daffodils yesterday and hoping to be able to cut some, but they are still in the bud stage.The dish towels are pretty from two great blogging friends. Your blue and yellow color scheme i adore.
    Thank you for you kind thoughts, I am feeling so much better.

  15. Love that blue and yellow combo - it just says spring! I love the smell of hyacinths!

  16. Love it...your lovely spring post with your beautiful dish towel by Vee. I have a 'matching' tea towel hanging in my kitchen...handmade by Vee some four years ago. And I treasure it!

    I also have the same B&B kitchen soap at my sink.

  17. Vee is so talented! I love the very special towel she made for you, and it goes so well with Karen's pretty towel. Your spring flowers are like icing on the cake :)

  18. What a lovely post! I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog. It's such a pleasant place to visit. I signed up as your newest follower and look forward to your future posts.

  19. Kim,
    Those dish towels are so cute and perfect for your kitchen. You really captured the beauty in those flower pictures. I did a post about the five senses once, so I really enjoyed what you said about the five senses. Sometimes we forget how blessed we are to have them. That soapy water makes me want to wash dishes hehe.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. On my recent visit to my Mom's house in FL I washed dishes all the time. She has never had a dishwasher and we use the time to enjoy each other in conversation.
    Your flowers are beautiful and they look great on the window sill in those adorable bottles!

  21. Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to say hello. The fresh spring flowers are beautiful. Simple pleasures are what it's all about.


  22. Kim
    I love you sweet t-towel and dish rag. Homemade gifts are just the best!!
    Your place looks so beautiful with
    your spring flowers and green grass pecking threw your window.
    I wish I could get away to the south until May!

  23. I just LOVE that little towel...what a sweet gift!! It is perfect!


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