Tuesday, April 24, 2012

@ Home & Happy

Today is an @ home day for me.
After a busy week it's been nice to stay home and get caught up on things.  I don't know about you, but when I'm busy running in and out, the house starts to suffer.  Piles here and there needing attention.
While I'm not the type who has to have an immaculate house, I do better with a certain level of order.
On an @ home day I like to start by making the bed.
It seems to set the tone for the day and makes me feel like I've accomplished something right off the bat.

Next I like to go from room to room tidying things as I go.
Once the bits and pieces are where they belong, it's time for a swipe with the Swiffer duster.  I like how they get in all of the nooks and crannies quickly as this isn't the time for moving objects.

Next comes the vacuum.
As I go I pick up the rugs and take them out for a good shake.
It was a chilly shake today as our temperatures have dropped into the low 60s.  Last night we faced the possibility of old Jack Frost coming to nip at our plants.  For good measure I moved my newly purchased tomato plants into the garage and draped a sheet over my hibiscus tree.  Luckily the frost didn't show up.

Once in a while I really get my act together on an @home day.
Today was just such a day.
Before I began my cleaning, I filled the crock pot with the ingredients for dinner.  Now once I'm done with my work I won't be faced with the age old question of  "what's for dinner?"
I don't know who invented crock pots, but I think I love that person.
I don't use mine nearly as often as I should.  However, when I do I love that feeling of having dinner taken care of so early in the day.
By the way, I'm still using the crock pot I got as a wedding gift in 1981.  I tend to keep my small appliances as long as they continue to work.


So now that order has been restored and the smells of Garlic Pork Roast are filling the air, I'm off to read a few chapters until dinner time.  I guess you might say I'm adding the Happy to my @Home.

Speaking of Happy, I want to share some of the happiest news I've received in ages with you.  On Sunday I called my sister and was so elated to hear her say "Happy Birthday" to me and from there she was able to say several more words.  In talking to my brother-in-law I learned that he has noticed this change in the last month.  In June it will be 3 years since she had her stroke.  I'm so encouraged that her hard work is paying off.
Because many of you have been so kind to remember Norma in prayer, I wanted to let you know how your prayers have helped.  As I've mentioned before, the recovery from a stroke is a slow process.  This is the most encouraging sign I've seen in a while that brain connections are being made once again for my dear sister.
Now that really is something to be HAPPY about.


  1. Oh that is great news about Norma and to know that our prayers are answered even not as fast as we would like! : ) I pray that she continues to improve.

    You sound a lot like me in your house cleaning and with the crock pot. It is so nice to have supper started early and you can forget about it.

  2. Tomorrow is my @home day (right now is my just got home time!) Your house looks great, and that's wonderful news about your sister!

  3. That is wonderful news...I am so happy for all of you! And your bed is beautiful!

  4. I would call this a perfect "at home" day, Kim, I too enjoy my crock pot, as I put it to good use today as I was outside mot of the day. So nice to come in from working in the garden and not have to wonder what to fix for dinner. Your home is always so lovely, I love blue and yellows together.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. OOPs! I hit my button before I was finished. What a joy when your sister sang to you, I will be praying for her continued and complete healing.

  6. Hi Kim!
    You DID have a happy productive day! Hooray!
    I'm glad Norma is healing. God bless her.
    I still have my wedding crock pot, too! It continues to do the job. Yum!

  7. Kim, that is wonderful news. I'm so pleased for Norma whose hard work should be rewarded.

    Yup. You stated my case very well hence the reason for the break. If I am not on the computer, a whole lot more gets done. I have a long way to go because of all the things that must be culled through that are not mine, but I've got a big old box ready to send to my sister!

  8. That must have been the best present of all!!! So glad your sister is making progress. I LOVE my crock-pot too! Especially in the summer, because it doesn't heat the house up like the oven or stove do.
    I am like you... i need to have a level of order in my home to feel comfortable. I think I hate dusting more than anything, as the dust seems to come right back by the next day. (The price I pay for living in the prairie states.)

  9. Such great news about your sister. Healing can take so very long.

    I love all the blues in your home. My favourite colour!

  10. Oh, Kim, I am so happy for you! That is wonderful news about your sister and I know you were so thrilled to hear her say those words to you! Praying for her continued recovery.
    Your home is so lovely, I love your colors. The crockpot doesn't get used nearly as much as it should at my house. I never seem to think to get the meat out of the freezer and thawed early enough. I need to remedy that since hot weather will soon be here and that is a good time to be using it.
    Enjoy your week!

  11. Kim
    I am so happy to hear of Norma's progress. How thrilled you must have been and what a great birthday
    BTW, a belated 'Happy Birthday'!

  12. Kim,
    I'm so happy to hear about your sister. What a wonderful feeling. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

    Your home is such a lovely place.


  13. Oh Kim, such wonderful news about your sister!!!

    I love all the blues in your beautiful home. The pillows and picture above the bed are so pretty!


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