Thursday, April 26, 2012

Playing With My (Vintage) Vegetables

I was planning to head outside this morning to tend to my garden, but about the time I was ready to get started the sky turned black, the wind kicked up and the rain started coming down in buckets.

While my vegetable garden isn't big, it has been providing us with fresh salads every night and it won't be long until those peas will be ready for picking.  Not long after that the tomatoes and cukes will fill that little garden and the fresh veggies will continue to appear on the dinner table.

Right now, before the heat becomes unbearable and the bugs try to devour my produce patch, it's an exciting time in the garden.  Lots to look forward to. 
Since I was disappointed to not be able to play in my vegetable garden, I decided to do the next best thing ... play in my vintage vegetable garden.  On my way home from work yesterday I stopped by the thrift shop where a half off sale was in progress.  Woo Hoo :)
That little tomato can lamp was calling my name.  I like little lamps in the kitchen.  I think they really warm up those corners, especially on dark, rainy days.

I put up my umbrella long enough to snip some thyme which is currently in bloom.

It seemed like what was needed to put in these little vintage veggie planters.  The platter was something I picked up at a yard sale last summer.  Not a bad find for a quarter. 
My vintage vegetable vignettes are now complete and the rain has stopped so I best get out there and get to work.  The garden has been well watered and the weeds will be easy to pull, so it's all good as they say.

Hoping that your Thursday is shaping up nicely.


  1. Kim
    I love all of your vintage garden goods. They sure are cute!

  2. Hi Kim!
    Your veggie garden is beautiful! If I was a rabbit, I'd have my eye on it.
    I love it when the weeds come up so easily!

  3. Your vintage veggies are all wonderful! I love that platter! And the thyme looks perfect in the peppers. Super cute little faces on the corn. I saw some Shawnee corn salt and pepper shakers the other day and I think I will have to go back for them.

  4. Love your vintage veggies and I really love the little lamp and the scale. I agree, little lamps in the kitchen really cozy things up and brighten corners. Don't you just love finding vintage treasures, especially when they're on sale. Your garden looks really nice. It's great to have fresh veggies right from the garden.

  5. I love those vegetable things. I have some chalkware fruit my Mama left me.

  6. I love your garden collection - and your garden is as perfectly arranged as your house!

  7. Oh Miss Kim, I adore the way ya play with your veggies!!! Sweet.

    Your garden looks great!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  8. You always create the sweetest vignettes. Love the lamp and the platter and the planters. Your garden is looking marvelous...I was just going to ask what you're doing to keep the bugs, deer, and rabbits away when you mentioned that you'll have to step it up a bit once that happens.

  9. Your tempetures are unbearable, ours consists of freeze warnings tonight. Isn't the weather so interesting?

    I like your little tomato light. I think lamps in the kitchen add a touch of warmth and coziness. The one you have does just that.

    Thank you for adding beauty to my day.

  10. Your little garden looks good! I bought a few tomato and bell pepper plants yesterday. Now if the rain holds off, we'll get them planted this weekend.
    Love your little lamp. You really have a knack for putting the nicest vignettes together!

  11. My garden is little also
    enough for One Woman.
    My herbs are doing great, also lettuce, green onions and seeds for squash are coming up and can you believe it - I have some little green tomatos on my 3 plants :)

  12. I'm trying not to be jealous of the rain....... we're dry again in south Texas.

    Your garden looks great and your vintage items are wonderful!!

  13. Your garden looks great! I need some tips! We have a small garden for the first time this year. It's fun, but we don't know what we're doing. :-) I'm posting off and on about it, and hoping to find some gardeners out there. :-)


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