Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wishes

In honor of Mother's Day I brought out some of the china that is normally hidden behind the closed doors of my china cabinet.
When my mom and mother-in-law downsized I inherited many pretty cup and saucer sets.  It seems many of them were bought in Canada many years ago when a favorable exchange rate enticed these two moms to purchase one new set every time they crossed the border from Michigan.  My dad was born in Canada and our summer vacations usually included a trip there to attend his family reunions.  As I recall one of our first stops was at a little china shop where my mom would carefully select her cup and saucer.  Through the years she would use them often when she entertained.
Although they aren't used much anymore, they are something I will always cherish. 

I couldn't resist showing you the mums that are blooming on my patio ... in May.  I can't recall ever seeing them bloom this early.  
My dad used to say "mum" instead of "mom".  We found this to be endearing and assumed it was because he had been born in Canada.  So, whether you are a mom or a mum I wish you a

Happy Mother's Day. 


  1. Wow, mums already? The weather is really weird this year.

  2. Before I read your words, I was looking at the beautiful flowers and wondering what they were..... thinking they couldn't be mums....and they are..They're beautiful!!!

    I love the tea cups and saucers and it makes them so very special when they came from someone you loved so much.
    Happy Mother's Day to you Kim!!!

  3. Oh I'm so glad that you have a lovely collection of tea cups and saucers. Those who live along the Canadian border know that trick of getting china on the other side. Exactly how my family did it, too. Such fun memories. (I'm more in the mood for some good molasses and some Canadian candy.)

    That's a great mosaic! Ever thought of participating in Mosaic Mondays?

  4. LOVELY pieces!!! Canada gets all the beautiful British china patterns that don't make it to the USA.
    I had to go to Canada to get more of my Royal Albert wedding china after the stores here in the USA stopped carrying it. My best friend, a Canadian, calls her mother Mum, too.

  5. Kim, I loved seeing your cups and saucers and hearing the story behind them. Those memories make them so special. Have a Happy Mother's Day! Twyla

  6. Hi Kim, you should use those dishes more often. They are so very pretty. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. So happy to hear that your sister was able to say happy birthday to you. Wishing her continued health and a recovery that keeps improving with each new day. Blessings, Tammy

  7. Happy Mum's Day to you, Kim!
    Cups and saucers are so romantic. I think they make the tea taste better, don't you?
    I am going to put little cups and saucers in the Wendy house. First, I have to find a rubbery rug to put on the floor, to reduce breakage!

  8. Love your tea cup and the story behind your collection! Hope you have a nice Mother's Day!

  9. Hi Kim, I just discovered your blog and I must say it is so sweet, I have been going through older posts and enjoying it. I am your newest follower, and hope you have ahappy Mother's Day. xo

  10. Your china is so beautiful as are your Mums.
    Happy Mother's Day, Kim.

  11. Beautiful china and beautiful mums! Hope your Mother's Day is beautiful, too!!

  12. Sitting here looking at your cup and saucer mosaic, was the best way for me to start out my early Monday morning. I am sorry that I missed wishing you a "Happy Mother's Day", but I am thankful that I was here visiting this morning. I am sure these pretty little pieces will remain treasures for you. I like the details on each one. As for the mums, it is early for them, but what beauty they would add to your porch.

    I must tell you, I looked back over your last post again, and it truly should be in the pages of my next Victoria magazine. It is so beautiful!

  13. Happy Mothers day to you!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!!! Miss you! & MUMS?! Wow! That is so Fall to me! xo

  14. What lovey tea sets and happy memories.
    Wow mums in May - that is early!!
    Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day.


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