Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Town Saturday

Photo taken outside of The Last Straw, Blowing Rock, NC

So far today it's been alternating between Raining and POURING.
But, I'm not complaining as we really need the rain.
It makes the flowers grow BIG. 
The ones in the photo above were just sprouts yesterday ;-).

Photo taken at The Last Straw, Blowing Rock, NC

I hope you had a nice weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.
Brett & I took a little day trip on Saturday to Blowing Rock, NC.
I had not intended to do a post about it, but I did take a few pictures while there ... and since it's too dark today for picture taking  ... I'll toss in a few from our trip.  Blowing Rock is a charming little town about 2 hours from us.  If you'd like to know more about it, feel free to click the link above.  Had I been planning a post when I went there I would have taken photos that would make the Chamber of Commerce proud, but instead I'll share a glimpse of our day.

The main street is lined with unique shops, restaurants, quaint churches, a library, etc.  If you have read the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon, you'd think you just stepped into one of them as you walk down the street.  You can read more about this here.
The main street also has a Kilwin's ice cream shoppe.  We stopped in there, got an ice cream cone and ate it while sitting on the bench you see in the above photo.  Behind us was a park filled with kids, parents and grandparents all enjoying the swings and slides and ice cream cones!  From our bench we could people watch (my favorite past time :).  I suppose I should mention that between the park and the sidewalk were beautiful plants and flowers lining the street.  The rhododendrons and lupines were gorgeous.  Sorry, no pictures.  (what was I thinking?)

The bleeding hearts were blooming too and I did manage to take one photo of them.

Our main reason for visiting Blowing Rock was to attend the Art in the Park event.  There were many talented artists selling their unique pieces of artwork. This pottery was so pretty to me.  The artist's name is Laurey-Faye Long.  She calls it purposefully pretty work and says this about her work:
Each pot is a quiet poem to the Southern Appalachians.
The designs reflect the mountains' plants, animals and landscapes.  The inspiration for these pots is from Mark Trail Comics, Palissy the French potter of the 1500s , the American Art pottery Rookwood and our beautiful mountains.

I like the colors she uses and the way she incorporates bits of nature into each piece.  We couldn't resist bringing home a couple of pieces as a lasting reminder of an enjoyable day spent in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


  1. This is so funny because when I saw "Blowing Rock," I took off to see if you meant "Bowling Green." I'm an idiot. Anyway, no, you didn't. So, by the time, I got back to finish reading your clever post...they were just buds yesterday...I had already watched that charming video and I did feel as if I'd been there before...very comfortable and all. When I got back to your post and found that you'd already linked to that very site and that this community is a template for the Mitford series, it explained everything. Ahhh, I love "pretty on purpose." Glad that you brought home some pottery. You can't go wrong with artisans' work.

  2. What a fun day! It makes me want to visit there. I think your photos are wonderful!

  3. I love spending the day in Blowing Rock! The views are amazing and it's a beautiful drive from here in Asheville! I'm glad you went on Saturday...Sunday was rainy here, too!

  4. I love those flower sculptures outside The Last Straw. I tried making yard decorations like that right after I retired. Mine were made out of ice cream sticks though so they were nowhere near as nice as these.

  5. What a nice way to spend a day!

  6. I was just telling Craig that we needed to go explore more! Walk around these little towns that we take for granted! Michigan is wonderful...but NC exploring is fabulous! Glad you are getting out and enjoying the beauty of your state...people watching...and just sitting with an ice cream cone and your hubby! xoxo

  7. I just came across your blog and I am delighted to meet you. One of the best things about blogging is getting to meet other women from around the world. I find more and more that our landscapes may be different, but our views on family and life are very much the same. I love the name of your blog, I too am very happy when I am at home in my little 1950's ranch, with my small but cozy backyard. Now that I am retired, I have the good fortune to slow my life down and enjoy just watching the squirrels play and listen to the birds singing their sweet morning songs as I slowly enjoy my morning coffee.
    I am your newest follower, Connie:)
    Please accept my warm invitation to visit and to follow my blog, also. Have a wonderful day.

  8. That sounds like a place I would love to visit. I really enjoy walking around towns like that.
    The pottery is really beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to resist buying a piece or two either.

  9. Blowing Rock sounds like a lovely place to visit. Your photos are wonderful! Love the pottery!

  10. Lovely memories of a pleasant excursion. The pottery is very pretty.

  11. Blowing Rock looks like the perfect place to relax and shop.
    Your pictures are so pretty. I love the statue of the gardener and the pottery.

  12. We love visiting Blowing Rock, the quaint shops and the park too. Though it has been a while since we visited, and we keep telling ourselves "we need to get to Boone and Blowing Rock'. ~smile~
    The pottery is beautiful, and I think the Chamber of Commerce would be proud of your photos, thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your week.

  13. What a fun place to visit on a Saturday. We don't grow any flowers like your top photo, but they are quite lovely.

    I do like the pottery and the way she did the muted color combinations. Like Sue said, I do think the Chamber would be proud to share your photos.

  14. Looks like a quaint little town! Love the photos. Glad you had a nice time. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  15. What a wonderful way to spend the day. I can picture myself walking down Main Street taking it all in. Your blog is full of charm. Patty


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