Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still Pondering Paint

Remember when you were guessing at which shade of green paint I might choose for my living room walls?
If the suspense has been getting to you (ha), let me reveal the correct choice.  For those of you who chose the middle one, you are  were correct.  That's right ... at the time of that post I was 99% positive that was thee color.  Well that was until the painter came to give me a quote and politely inquired if I would mind if he offered a few other suggestions.

Six more choices later and the winner is ...

Sherwin-Williams Ecru

Had I been browsing through the paint chips, this one would have never been my choice.
However, once the painter explained his thoughts on the matter I had to agree.
He thought the green I had chosen would make the walls the focal point rather than the sofa and accessories. 
After he painted several more samples on the wall I settled on this one.  It's hard to tell from the sample but it does have some yellow and green in it. 
I've been checking it out in daylight, evening light, rainy afternoons, early morning, etc...
It took a little getting used to as it's different than what I had been thinking.
Last night I painted a big portion of one wall to try to get a better feel for it.
Today I took a picture, cropped out the part that I hadn't painted and voila ...

I think it will be fine.


Thank you for your sweet comments on the Note Card Party post.
I know some of you had requested the peach pie recipe.
I promise to share it in my next post.
For those of you who asked about the vintage juicer, my sister-in-law got it from a friend who had found it at a garage sale.  She let me borrow it for blogging purposes. 

~ Kim


  1. Oh, I like it! Very crisp and clean and elegant.

  2. The ecru is just gorgeous! And now you can enjoy the colors in your sofa and your decor! I chose a travertine...a light beige for most of this house and I'm so glad I did. My red sofas really pop against it! Great choice!

  3. I think that a more neutral color is really going to flatter and keep your beautiful sofa and chairs the stars. Brave painter! Good listener!

  4. Hi Kim! Your sofa is so pretty! I LOVE it!
    That colonoscopy business isn't that bad. The day before, drinking the horrid liquid and suffering the consequences . . . well, that's the worst part.
    I like the ecru very much!
    I was going to paint some of my kitchen this summer, but so far it is still white.
    I hope you are keeping cool!

  5. Oh Kim, I love, love, love the color and the nice warm look with this new color!!!
    Your sofa is beautiful...... what a nice compliment of the wall color to the sofa.....

    I dreaded a colonoscopy so much, and afterwards I was saying, "and this is what I was dreading"..... Not!

  6. I think you made the right choice. It does have a yellow-greenish cast to it. Notice how the first 4 letters spell out P-A-I-N? It certainly can be when deciding. xo

  7. I like the new color, Kim. Neutrals are easy on the eye and make a room look larger. I think you'll be very happy with it!

  8. Love the more neutral color with you lively textiles. Just curious... Was the middle green SW Shagreen by any chance? That's my wall color in my living room.

  9. Love the more neutral color with you lively textiles. Just curious... Was the middle green SW Shagreen by any chance? That's my wall color in my living room.

  10. I meant color! That is what I get for typing without my glasses on!LOL

  11. I think your paint person was right! It's a nice, soothing, neutral kind of green, that will not compete for attention with your sofa. Good choice!!

  12. Good final choice - excellent advice from your painter. Can't go wrong with neutrals and you don't tire of them as with deep colors - this looks smashing with your furniture.

    Hugs - Mary

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  14. Great choice Kim, I have a SW paint chart and I will certainly be checking this out. As I have soon got to make a choice. The tip from the painter of not having the attention drawn to the walls was very good! Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. I think your painter was right. The ecru will look great. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  16. HOORAY for coming to a final decision!!!

    Now you can relax!!! Sit back and wait for the job to be completed. How lovely is that? :-)

    "Books are a uniquely portable magic."
    ~Stephen King

  17. I love that shade of green. It is perfect.

  18. The sofa you have is beautiful and he was right, the shade chosen will not compete with it. You will also have more flexibility in future pieces of furniture or artwork with the ecru. Great choice!

  19. I love your paint choice, Kim! It looks very similar to what I have on my walls. My color is Durham Beige. It's light and I love that I can put any color with it. Your beautiful sofa will look great with the new color.
    Have a nice week!

  20. I really like this paint color. We are looking for something more neutral for our next painting project. I think will look really nice and I love your bright and cheerful sofa!

  21. Oh yes Kim...the perfect color. I have my walls very neutral with taupe on most walls and clay (dark taupe) on a few as a feature. I have never regreted it. I am sure you won't either. This is similar to our taupe. Everything goes with it and every season.

    Are you now painting it yourself or did you just want to test a bit?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  22. Don't see how how I missed this post!!!!
    I like the new choice a lot. It goes great with your sofa.

  23. "Ecru" is my passion. I have painted my entire living room and kitchen this color. I accented the kitchen by painting the island "Sawdust" by SW. The dining area adjacent to the living room has "Sawdust" above the chair rail, and semi-gloss white below the chair rail where I also installed picture frame moldings. I plan on painting my master BR "Relaxed Khaki" with an accent wall of "Moody Blue", These colors in the bedroom flow very nicely with the Ecru and Sawdust in the LR and K.


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