Monday, January 7, 2013

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

 It seems as though we are officially in limbo here.
Most, but not all, of the Christmas decor is in the attic,
Sparkly glitter decorating the floor (where is that vacuum),
None of the accessories have been returned to their regular spots.  That is a whole other thing...
figuring out what fills all of those empty spaces once the Christmas decor is stowed.   Egad, it's enough to make my head spin.

I have a better idea.
I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara and worrying about it all tomorrow.
For now I'm thinking I'd like to play a little game.
Would you like to play along?  I hope so because I'd LOVE to have your input.

  So often when I'm reading all of your blogs I am amazed at all of the interesting names you have given your blogs.  They are so imaginative, charming, interesting, cute, etc...
I've often wondered about something...
how did you decide what to call your blog?
Did you spend a lot of time thinking about it?
Did you pull it out of a hat :) ?
Would you be willing to share your story of how you came to settle on the name of your blog?
If so, I'd love to hear about it and I, in turn, will share my story if you care to hear it.
I'm really hoping you will share so that I can read your stories while avoiding the limbo-land my house has become.
Who wants to go first???
I'm all ears.



  1. I'm called Poofing the Pillows because that's what I do all the time. :) Not that I buy different pillows all the time like some people do, I just like them to be poofy.

    Happy @ Home is a perfect name. :)

  2. I think its a great idea to share the story of our blog name.
    is this going to be a party where we write the story on our blog and link up Here with you when you decide to have it?

  3. Sonny,
    I was thinking just leave it in comments. I've never hosted a linky party before.

  4. I have packed most of my Christmas things away but I saved a box that can go in my sewing area for my pixies! They get to stay out until my birthday! I came up with mine quickly. I love lavender bath products and the color of lavender. And I dream every night and remember every dream. I tell them to my hubby when we eat breakfast. Some of them are like a movie...they are so real. I love the name of yours! It makes me feel good!

  5. I too think that your blog name is a cute one! I think that I came up with A Cottage To Me, because I was looking at so many blogs that were cute little cottages. I love that look and am trying to make our Home have that feel. It is a bit larger then a "cottage" so to speak, so therefore I picked my name! Not sure I hold up to the name though!

  6. What a cute tea towel ;) I do nott like the name of my blog and planned to change it someday. Guess that it is kind of late for that. I had planned to name it Vee's Haven, but that does not create a good URL. LOL This was my very first topic for a post. Now I want to hear your story.

  7. I named my blog "Two Birdies and a B." cause that just about sums up my little home, the three of us. It was going to be about random things that happen or get done, etc. and it is still really random. I liked the idea of "birds and bees" (metaphor on life) and a little play on that. At the time I was still thinking about it, I used to plant pink flowers in my flower beds, and my house has tan siding with darker brown trim, so I originally thought of "Pink Chocolate". But I like Two Birdies better. xo

  8. I had a hard time trying to come up with a blog name...wanted to be so clever! Ended up with Bluebird 1959 because a friend of mine had given me a bluebird statue,saying I reminded her of a"bluebird of happiness." So while not very glamorous, I guess being happy is a good thing! The 1959 was my birth year...35 short years ago lol! Can't wait to hear your story!! Jane

  9. Pom Pom is my clown name. I went to clown college years ago. Simple, huh?

  10. Hi Kim,

    I think this is a great topic for a blog post! I often wonder where people get the name for their blogs, as well. Mine's rather simple because it has to do with where I live. I came up with it fairly quickly and just went with it. I was really nervous about starting my own blog, and my husband originally set it up with a different blog title, but I chose to change it. I can't wait to hear how you chose the name of your blog. :)

    BTW, I have a crocheted dishcloth like yours; in fact, I have several. My mom's sweet friend makes them, and she always sends some to my sister and I. I like your embroidered tea towel a lot!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. I love your blog name. I've often thought about changing mine because I have feared that some would think I'm a farmer or that it was a farm related blog. I did a blog post long ago about how I chose the name, but mainly I think it's just because the name popped into my head when I was searching for one and I just went with it! Otherwise, I think my farmer father had a lot to do with who I am today...hence "the farmer's daughter".

  12. I came up with the name as R&L R is for my husband Russ and L is for me Lisa, and we do a lot of crafts that are homemade... He wood works and he does crochet...I am learning to wood work... So came up with Homespun... Our life is always making something or gardening.. We look at everything and see if we can fix, recycle it.. So that's how I came up with R&L's Homespun Life...

  13. I had a hard time coming up with a name, but I wanted to get going with my blog, so I chose three materials I like to craft with and voila, Fabric Paper Thread was born.

    Fun topic! I'm enjoying reading the other comments.

  14. I have always loved the title of your blog, and would love to read the story behind the title. I started out with Pear tree lane farmhouse because our drive is lined with Bradford pear trees, then changed it, planning to daily journal but that didn't happen, and have often thought of changing it or starting a new blog.~smile
    Enjoy your day,

  15. I chose Life is Good because I found myself saying that quite often and added Smile to it because after you say life if good you can't help but smile.

    I noticed the blue and white dish cloth right away! : )

  16. I don't think I gave my blog name a whole lot of thought. We just built a new home when I started with a with a front porch. The front porch seems like the perfect place to sit and chat a spell...and so I decided that 'My Front Porch' might just be the right venue for meeting blogging friends as well.

    Judy @ 'My Front Porch':)

    BTW...I love your name. It says a lot.

  17. I wasn't very imaginative. I thought of Cozy Little House and that was it.

  18. I was thinking about what was going on in my life that gave me the most energy. I enjoy researching anything, reacting to new info and of course anything that had to do with millinery. That was my "world" at the time (I was a reference librarian at the time).

    My URL came from a comment a co- worker said: Jill thinks different, that's what makes her a good reference librarian. Most people attempt to see how things are the same, like "this place reminds me of my Mom's house" or "it tastes like..."

    Figuring out what makes something unique..or "different" now that is interesting to me!

  19. blogs name is " Jill's world of research, reaction and millinery. "

    Why is is shortened to Thoughts on Life and Millinery when I comment.. I have never figured that put!

  20. I was trying to come up with a blog name and was sorting through some greeting cards I'd bought - one of them was signed 'oodles and oodles of love,' and I loved the 'oodles and oodles' part - now I wonder if it's a little too cutesy, but I don't think I'll ever change it.

  21. What a cute topic idea..... it's interesting reading people's comments.
    My blog title wasn't hard at all....we were moving forward with Alzheimer's.... so there it was.

  22. My blog is "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and we are the Jones family so it seemed like a no-brainer when I named my blog. I really like the name of yours. We should all be Happy @ Home!

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  24. My blog started out "Donna's Art" because I was hoping to sell some of my art on line. Later after I really got into blogging and noticing all the other names of blogs, I decided on Mourning Dove Cottage because of all the mourning doves at our home, and the fact that I have a soft spot in my heart for them. So, my blog is now "Donna's Art at Mourning Dove Cottage". :)

  25. On the spur of the moment, my oldest daughter started my blog and said it could be called "just a little something for you", and then she proceeded to set it up for me. Years later, I am so thankful for her leading and persistence in starting a blog.

    Your blog name fits perfectly, because you seem happy always creating beauty and welcome in your home. I love my visits here.

  26. I think the red rose is the prettiest of all roses, and alleys are mysterious and that's how we got the name Red Rose Alley. This was such an original and fun post, Kim. Would you mind if I did something like this on our blog?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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