Thursday, January 3, 2013

Take Three

 If you were to look into that secret place where I hide my blog drafts, then you would setake one:  a year in review type post which halfway through hit the editing floor.  Those always seem so interesting when I read them on other blogs, but boring was the word that came to mind as I got about one third of the way through mine.  Perhaps it's because I seldom include "people" photos in my posts.  How many times do my dear readers want to see pictures of my knick knacks, old books, vintage what-nots, etc?  Next ....

Take twoa photo of a vintage greeting card with a New Year's theme.  Hmmm... been there, done that (more than once).  Boring once again.  That one slowly fluttered to the editing room floor too.  I can see I'll be busy sweeping up the pile in there.  That is once I get the rest of the Christmas decor put away.

For better or worse, take three is what you're getting here today.
A review of the year in my garden.
I thought it might hold a little appeal to those of you who are dealing with snow and also to those of us who are gearing up for the next gardening season.

 Since there isn't much to do in the garden in January, I used that time for some indoor gardening in the form of tending to my houseplants.

February brought the first color to the garden in the form of daffodils.  Always a welcome sight.

 In March things really start to take off.
Perennials are coming back to life as the cherry trees and dogwoods put on their glorious spring show.  

 April brought the first lettuce and radish harvest from my wee vegetable garden.  More pink in the form of knock-out roses, azaleas and dianthus or "pinks", as my mom used to call them.
The first chickadee family of 2012 was born right here in the fluffy nest that their parents so lovingly created for them.  

 Pink seemed to give way to white with a touch of blue in May.
Peonies, Easter lilies, magnolias and the beginning of the hydrangeas.  Springtime in the south is a beautiful thing ... not only to the eyes, but the nose as well.  The sweet fragrances permeate the air (along with the pollen).

 When we weren't working in the garden in June, we enjoyed watching the birds from the comforts of a new glider perfectly situated for ideal bird and butterfly watching.  The new retractable awning proved to be a good move for shading this very sunny patio.  A little wren thought so too and promptly built her nest where the awning met the brick wall.

 July found me escaping the heat with a bit of indoor crafting.
An old pallet was turned into an adaptation of the American flag, thrift shop glassware was turned into a garden sculpture and the old blue bike was decked out for the Fourth of July.

 In August the butterflies are frequent visitors to the butterfly bushes and perennial garden.  They add such beauty and graceful notes to the garden.

 For some reason I took very few pictures in the September garden.
This was just to remind me of a combination of annuals that worked well for me near a little water fountain.  The pink flowers are Penta.  I started planting them a few years ago and have found them to be great performers and the butterflies love them.

 In October the Morning Glories were in their glory and the front porch received a face lift with the help of some pumpkins and a new potted arrangement of baby mums, ornamental kale and some interesting pumpkins from the farmer's market.

 While doing the fall clean-up in November, I found a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.  Their colors looked particularly vibrant against the clear blue sky and the beauty of the changing leaves is always a welcome sight at the end of the gardening season.

 December brought indoor gardening in the form of Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis, Tulips Hydrangeas and one very special surprise in the outdoor garden... one very pretty white bloom on a clump of confused narcissus.  I think of it as my White Christmas snowflake here in the sunny south.

And that, my friends, is a wrap!
I'm looking forward to this fresh new year and wish you all Happiness & Good Health in 2013.

With Love,


  1. What a gorgeous post, Kim. Your yard looks very park like, and you definitely have a green thumb! 2012 was a year filled with the beauty and glory of nature, can't ask for much more. xo

  2. Ding*Ding*Ding
    We have a winner! (I would enjoy reading anything you write.)

    Oh my, Kim, your garden through a year is enough to make me leap from a bridge. No, no, I really LOVE that your winter lasts only two weeks and a half and that you have such beauty and variety in your garden. I DO. What? I'm not protesting too much am I? have flowers blooming in February...only in my dreams. ☺

  3. Hi Kim,
    Happy New Year! Your garden is lovely no matter the season. Those radishes were so red and beautiful. And the sweet little birdies are always nice to see.
    Wishing you healthy, happy, wonderful year.

  4. What a lovely way to do a year in review. I thought about it, then left the idea behind.
    My favourite is the white flowers with the touch of blue. Those peonies are stunning! Since I'm relatively new to your blog, I missed those last spring, and hope you'll feature the blossoms of 2013.

  5. You and I are on the same wavelength. I posted gardening pics last night too. Your pictures are beautiful. I just can't wait to dig into the dirt again.. :)

  6. What a beautiful garden you have and it was a lovely way to remember the past year.
    You write a boring post - I don't think so!!!! : )
    It is always a pleasure to visit here!!

  7. An excellent way to look back on the year ... loved seeing your beautiful photos again, even if I envy all those months of gardening you have down there!

  8. Beautiful post, Kim! I just love seeing your pretty flowers. I would love to have your green thumb. I can just imagine the scent in your garden, it must be heavenly!

  9. You have the most beautiful garden, and it is nice to see all that pretty color now that we have white stuff on the ground.

  10. Oh! Kim, This was such a great post, as I am so looking forward to seeing my flowers bloom again, especially my hydrangeas. Your gardens are always so beautiful.

    I can certainly relate to the blogging thing, as I was telling Dh last evening of how I am finding it so hard to write on my blog, he reminded me of my garden and of how it won't be long before I would have plenty to write about. ~smile~ I always enjoy anything that you share, you have such a wonderful gift in decorating, as well as gardening, so let those drafts lose.
    Enjoy your day.
    Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and Happy New Year.

  11. Hi Kim! Oh, your flowers are so lovely and you have such nice warm winters. It's warmer here today, but it has been freeeeeeezing. Great post!

  12. Oh Kim .... you're teasing me and making me long ... for spring!
    I'm so tired of cold and dreary weather.... I'm ready for spring!

    Your yard and flowers are so beautiful and inviting!!!

    Your home ... inside and out is gorgeous!!

  13. Since I am knee deep in snow, I enjoyed this post very much. Your garden is lovely.

    Happy New Year

  14. What a wonderful year you had in the garden. I bet 2013 will be even better! I love the picture of the little wren on the back of the chair, looks like she's fixing to take flight. I don't do any indoor gardening. Anywhere in my home that I've thought about having a plant turns out to be too congested. I see so many pretty indoor plants that i would love to grow. Maybe someday!

  15. First of all, I want you to know that I have never thought of any of your posts as boring. No, the opposite could be said, in that the visits here always add beauty and insights into my day. This post is proof positive of that. In this early, cold winter morning, it brightened my day and lifted my spirits to see the beauty that you, a master gardener shared. Thank you so very much!
    Happy Sunday to you! Visiting your gardens any time of the year, would be a privilege.

  16. O my goodness, this post made me dream of spring. Your yard is lovely. The whole earth is filled wih his glory! Thanks for sharing.
    blessings to you.


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