Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl Talk

I'm currently in the process of assembling an outfit for an upcoming wedding.  I don't usually buy my clothes online.  However, after striking out in several stores I decided to browse online to see what I could find.  I ended up ordering three possibilities from  Once they arrived I had them hanging from the laundry room door and without being asked my family members offered their opinions on the various choices.  This was fine by me as the choice seemed to be unanimous.  Pictured above is the winner.  I think the jewel toned purple shows better in person, but you get the idea.

 It seems at this stage of life it's harder to find clothes I'm happy with because I'm trying to camouflage so many things.  This dress seemed to cover all the bases pretty well.  The only thing I found somewhat problematic is the wideness of the cut across the back.  Maybe I'm too modest, but I can't stand to have my bra straps popping out.  

I decided to visit the lingerie department when I returned the unwanted dresses to Dillard's.  Perhaps a new bra would solve the problem.  As I was heading for the fitting room with one purple number (thinking the color might blend with the dress if it were to pop out), the sales clerk inquired whether I would be interested in a bra fitting.  Although I remember well the show Oprah did on this subject urging all women to get a proper fitting, I didn't think I wanted to subject myself to that.
After trying on the one I selected and thinking more about her offer, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. So I quickly sought out the bra fitter and muttered my wish before I chickened out.  Much to my horror it was the day she was training a new gal so the two of them joined me in the fitting room and the fun  began.
It wasn't long before I let go of my inhibitions and listened intently to the finer points of selecting a proper fitting bra.

 Without going into the boring details, suffice it to say I feel like a new woman and the bra size I've been wearing for years and years wasn't even close to being correct.

 I tried the dress on over the correct sized bra and marveled at the difference.  No funny bumps in strange places, no straps showing and a nice smooth appearance under the somewhat clingy dress.
Best of all . . .

 It was a very uplifting experience (if you know what I mean :).

Although I was a bit hesitant to subject myself to this ordeal, I'm so glad I did.  In fact I wish I'd done it years ago.  I came home and tossed 12 bras that have been in my drawer for years.  Every time I bought one in the past I was sure it was the right one until I wore it and discovered things I didn't like about it.  Now I feel very confident with the way I look and feel in my new undergarment.
I didn't purchase the Maidenform brand, but I had to laugh at the claims being made in these vintage ads.  All adds courtesy of Google Images.

 As you can tell I am pleased with my new purchases from the lingerie department.  I'm not sure that I feel like a fireman though.

I think I'll stick to serving tea.
 Any interesting bra stories you'd care to share as long as we're having a little girl talk?



  1. The biggest surprise at a 'bra fitting' is always that you've been wearing the wrong size! Doesn't it feel wonderful when they get you into the correct bra - it truly makes one feel like a new woman. I recently took my 16 y.o. granddaughter for a fitting - three $65.00 Wacoal beauties later, and a granddad almost passing out at the bottom line on the charge slip, she too left the store feeling fabulous. I also made sure she went home with a bottle of that hand wash lingerie liquid AND a lecture of how to care for these expensive bras!

    Glad you too were successful, and that dress is really beautiful for you Kim - later you MUST post a pic.

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Beautiful dress, Kim! Hope that we will get to see you in it. My sister and I saw the same show and landed in a dressing room being properly fitted. Neither of us were wearing the correct size. At least we had moral support. Ha!

  3. I had a bra fitting more than 10 years ago. I came out with three bras, three different brands and three different sizes! Not kidding. lol I just ordered one on line from Boscov's. We'll see how it goes. Great vintage ads. The fireman one is funny. xo

  4. P.S. Love the purple dress, that style is flattering and sexy, I think. xo

  5. Maybe it's time I went for a fitting. I keep buying the same size...the same brand...year after year. I know many things have changed over the's likely time the bra did too! Love the dress you settled on!

  6. The dress is lovely - beautiful colour. As for bras, last year I discovered I'd been wearing the wrong size for years. I feel more comfortable now:-)

  7. OH! how I relate to the bra saga, and like you have been putting off having a fitting, but now after reading this, when Belk has one I am going to schedule an appointment. Thanks for the encouragement.
    And your dress is beautiful..

  8. Well, I sure got a chuckle out of this post with the funny advertisements you shared. Oh my. The first one with the blow up bras would work for Madonna or Lady Gaga I think. I can't believe women would have worn them can you? I really need to have a bra fitting. Things change with aging. I've been buying the same style for 6 years from a popular lingerie mall store. I know they don't fit well but the thought of paying $60.00 or more for a bra or 2 makes me cringe. I try to get them on sale at 'said store' for half the price of a really good one. I think Sears does bra fitting. I really should try it. I also watched the Oprah episode and learned a lot from it. Your new dress is really beautiful and I'm sure you will look wonderful in it. I hope you share a photo of you modelling it. Great post! Pam

  9. I love the dress you chose. We've had 4 weddings in the past few months and so many of my friends found their dresses at Dillards.

    Funny that you should be talking about bras. One day last week I decided something is just wrong with my bras. I haven't gained weight but they are hiking up in the back and doing weird things. I Gogled and found all kinds of videos and directions. Sure enough, I'm wearing the wrong size. They explained that the cup size isn't always is relative to the band size. That was news to me. Now I just need to bring myself to go to the store and buy new ones.

  10. The dress you chose is very pretty and I bet you'll look great in it.

    Loved the vintage ads!!

    I've never had a bra fitting. Sounds like everyone is wearing the wrong size. : ) Maybe I should go.

  11. A good bra can do so much for one's figure. I recently tried a new brand and couldn't believe the difference. Makes me look younger and slimmer.
    Love those Maidenform ads - my daughter was collecting them a few years ago.
    You'll look lovely in your new dress. Hope you show us a photo of it in action.

  12. I smiled as I read your post today. Right now, in my house, I have two dresses hanging that I ordered from Dillards. I need to choose one for an upcoming wedding. You chose a beautiful dress! The color is one of my favorites.

    As for the bra fitting, ever since I watched that Oprah show, I too have found such a difference that a perfect fit made all the difference. I like your old vintage pictures. Great post!

  13. Just that I cringe whenever I have to go bra shopping. I wish I had the guts to do a fitting like you. That dress is gorgeous. No, you aren't a prude for not wanting to show your straps. I've been appalled at the women wearing tight shirts with their straps showing. There are bras for those, ya know people! I got a kick out of your pictures.

  14. Oooh la la! That was my first thought when I saw the beautiful dress! (NOT the bras...LOL!) You choose the perfect dress, I'd say.

    As to the bras, now I know what I need to do. I have never gotten a bra that fits perfectly and I've been too chicken to let anyone help me. I need to get over that and go for it. Enjoyed the ads...hard to believe we actually wore those pointy numbers!

  15. Thanks for doing this post, Kim. I've needed to do this for years and didn't know what it would be like. I hate bras! They are always uncomfortable. The last time I had a good bra that held me up where I belonged, my new puppy chewed the underwire out and ruined it!

  16. I always wondered why there were advertisement about 18 hour bras. What was the big deal about 18 hours? Now that I am much older I find bras fit and feel great until about 7 pm...mine seem to get hungry and bite my ribs after dinner! Older skin is just more sensitive...wonder what a bra fitter would suggest.

  17. "I feel like a fireman..." Seriously? Did that make women want to go out and purchase bras? LOL!!! I have measured myself and tried to figure it out, but that still doesn't take into account that each brand seems to be a little different... Sigh...

  18. PS- I just noticed the blow up bra!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


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