Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thinking Ahead

 For some reason I have been answering the call of Fall despite the fact that it is only August.  My recent stops at the thrift shop have yielded fall treasures that I've been squirrelling away at home in anticipation of the upcoming autumn season.

With thrift shopping you have to buy it when you see it as it's not likely to be there if you wait to buy things in the correct season.  Christmas in July, Easter in February, Fall in August... sure, it all makes sense in the land of thrift shopping :).

I do think our unusually gray, rainy summer has contributed to my longing for all things autumn.  Heck if it's going to look like autumn it might as well be autumn.  Well, not really.  I don't think I want to rush into it that fast, but I am feeling a bit of excitement in the air for the season of cozy cuddle-up, sweater wearin', cider sippin', nip in the air, pumpkin pickin' Fall.  

So, a little collage with a few of my recent thrifty finds (l to r, top to bottom):

1.  beautiful white linen placemats featuring fall leaves

2.  votive holder painted with leaves, acorns & berries

3.  white soup tureen with leafy design & pear shaped handle (can hardly wait to fill it with butternut squash soup).   

4.  orange, clove & cinnamon essential oil candle

5.  cozy cream cardigan 

6.  brand new "Farmer's Market" Yankee candle
(for 80 cents no less).

Okay, carry on with summer.
Fall will arrive soon enough and when it does I'll be ready. 



  1. Love all of your treasures! Especially your soup tureen. I collect white soup tureen and this one is beautiful!

  2. Fall will come soon enough, but you know is my favorite season. And I am getting excited. I was so sick last year, I am praying I can enjoy it this year!! Of course, the fall is all my favorite colors. I told my husband the other day in HobLob....I hope Heaven is in Fall colors!!!

  3. Hi Kim! Yes, I've been thinking about crisp weather, too. It's fun to look forward to it.

  4. A girl after my own heart! I bought two pumpkins at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago! I would have grabbed that soup tureen and the place mats. My Favorite Season! xo

  5. What a lovely collections of pictures of your fall finds.
    Did I tell you yet that I love those in your header!

  6. i have not gone to this "extreme" but I have already taken a photo of an orange leaf. Still, I am not ready to say goodbye to a summer that just showed up. ; D Let's hope for a sweet August and a corker of a fall!

  7. I guess one can be prepared but I'm sure not ready for fall yet. I'm hoping for what Vee said - a great last of summer and beautiful fall. I have seen fall things in some stores already. Makes me sad. I like your mosaic though and love fall scented candles. Pam

  8. I'm not ready yet to say goodbye to summer, although fall is my favorite season. I think it's because I dread winter more each year. You've gotten a great start on fall with your neat finds. A Yankee Candle for 80 cents?? I'm seriously jealous...I love those candles!

  9. Wow, you found some great things! I am all for anything "fall" scented! Great deal on the candle....really, 80 cents? Wow!

  10. I'm already going through my Fall soup recipes and will be washing the tureens (I collect them and they are displayed) ready for evening bowls of goodness! Yes, Summer has been a real slouch here in NC hasn't it - however the lower than usual humidity has been wonderful. If we could just lower the mosquito count I'd almost say I'm loving this Summer.......BUT I will embrace Fall.

    Kim, do you frequent The Depot at the Gibson Mill in Concord? I was there last Friday - it's grown since my last visit, a huge place to treasure hunt. You found some neat things wherever it was you shopped.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  11. Goodness me, I can relate! I was in Fresh Market and they had a potpourri and refresher spray called "Pumpkin Spice", and one whiff propelled me forward to apple pies and know that went straight into my cart! Such fun to have a few "gifts for our souls" waiting in the wings :)

  12. We ate at a small restaurant the other evening and it was so cozy in how it was decorated. Touches of Fall were everywhere. I am so eager for it's beauty. I do believe you are one of the most gifted shoppers I know in the realm of consignment shoppers. I can totally understand why you were happy with your finds, especially the cream sweater.

  13. All such wonderful finds! I spied a very large thrift shop in my area recently and one rainy day I will make a visit and see if I can be as lucky as you, Kim!

  14. You said, "gray, rainy summer".....don't come to south Texas, we're sweltering hot and drying up from a lack of rain.

    I always love looking at your beautiful pictures of your home and yard....I love your colorful outdoor chairs....they look happy.

    I took 2 of my granddaughters to a thrift shop when they were visiting me last week... they loved it, and found themselves some treasures. I love your treasures.

    Have a great weekend


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