Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In a Soggy Slump

Not a very inspiring title is it?
But, it seems to be the way things are around here.
These gray days are getting on my nerves. 

A container planted in June.

If you could see it now... a few mushy stalks and nary a flower in sight.
I should probably care about making it look nicer as it's right out side the front door, but to be honest I'm just ignoring it until it's time to plant for fall. 

 Multi colored hibiscus tree underplanted with million bells.

The hibiscus is still flowering nicely.
Despite my best efforts the million bells died a slow death.

I realize this post could look entirely different (in a scary kind of way) if I were to post photos of what these same flowers look like today.  They look about the way I feel... in a slump.  Sick?  No.
Depressed?  No.  Just in a lethargic, uninspired, tired of gray gloom kind of slump.

Why am I posting this drivel today?
I have no idea other than it seemed like time to put up a new post and the inspiration, interest & desire to do so were eluding me.
I've been visiting all over the blogosphere and decided that that's not necessarily the best thing to do in the throes of a slump.  It can make one feel like they should be transforming a room, whipping up a gourmet meal, taking photos like a pro, etc...

I guess it all goes back to that debate we sometimes have in blogland... do we only share the pretty nice things or keep it a little more real?  Without prattling on further, I'm here to say while I strive to be happy @ home, in reality there are grumpy days too.  Sometimes with good reason and other times for no other reason than being fed up with gloomy weather.  

For better or worse I'm keeping it real today.



  1. Sorry that you are having a grumpy day. I think it's all about the weather. I believe that you have been getting a great deal of rain and that alone will make you depressed and grumpy when it should be sunny with flowers blooming. I sometime get grumpy when we have day in and day out sunshine - I long for a good rain which will not happen until November or December. So cheer up you are not alone.
    Hopefully you will get some bright sunshine soon.

  2. Kim, I'm right there with you my friend! North Carolina has been just the pits this summer, hasn't it? I just don't have any motivation to do a darn thing, and every day I feel a little grumpier. I feel bad for my dear husband, as I've been somewhat less than cheerful this week. I've really tried to hold out, but have finally admitted that Mother Nature has won this round. Let's hope for some honest-to-goodness sunny days soon, what do you say?

    Just wanted to let you know that someone else understands how you feel. :)

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Ditto here, Kim. The WORST summer in memory as far as rotten weather. I had to toss all my plants...wet mush just as you say and stinky...I think the decay and fertilizer combo...I'm not making you feel better, am I?

    Kidnap your husband and head for some sun. We have had a week of sun now...thrilled I am...and praying that my husband will stop making hay while the sun shines and run away with me.

    Praying that the sun shows up and that autumn is much kinder to you folks than summer has been.

  4. Grumpy days are part of life everywhere. Other summers (without the lovely weather we've had this year) have been dull and grey and made me feel like I was sun-deprived. Weather can do that.
    I hope autumn will be filled with sunshine. These rainy days have to end sometime.

  5. I love real. I am blah right now....haven't been feeling great. Not really into blogging much right now....but it will pass. I have plenty of sun....too much! Waiting for it to cool down, so I can have flowers again!

  6. We all have days like that.
    I hope something arrived in the mail for you today to make you smile. : )

  7. I think we both are in the same boat, (no pun intended) Kim, as we both love in N.C. My flowers, like yours, started out so beautiful but now because of the continuous rains they are a mess, just like our vegetable garden. I can't remember a day that it hasn't rain, it is raining even as I write.~smile~ Weather does affect our mood, especially grey rainy days. Cheer up the weather man has promised brighter days here in N.C.,and I am holding him to it.~smile~

  8. I guess we all have bouts of the blues and blogger fog, Kim. I'm sorry your weather hasn't been the best this summer. We go to all the trouble of planting flowers and they just don't do well. It's disappointing, along with the weather. There has been a lot of rain here too but thankfully we were away for most of it. Summer is putting on it's last blast today and tomorrow with lots of heat and humidity. Fall is coming and I hope it's a better season than summer has been! Blessings. Pam

  9. Yes, everyone has glum days. I don't blog on those days; I journal instead. I hope the sun shines soon, Kim!

  10. You sure have had a lot of rain this summer. Every time I talk to my mother in's raining there! But look how pretty and green everything is! I say...we have to be real. I even admitted to being sick all last week and I hesitated to share that! lol Sweet hugs!

  11. Kim being Kim is always the best way to be. I am so sad your flowers were rained out, hopefully the fall ones will last into Christmas. They did look beautiful. xo

  12. As I sit here reading your heartfelt post this morning, I smile as I do. I have always treasured the beauty I find here, and this morning I still do. Honesty, openness, and being real are facets of your personality that come through in your blog. That is why I enjoy my visits so much. For me, who looks at my skimpy blooming roses at this point of the summer, it encourages my heart to know that your garden and pots are having struggles too. You, the skilled gardener. Believe it or not, my heart understands your sentiments, and I am so grateful you shared them. The pictures you shared today, did add beauty to this overcast, hot sticky morning here. Thank you!

  13. I agree with Lorrie...grumpy days come to each of us from time to time....whatever the weather. Sorry it's not been the best summer for you in your corner! Love your hydrangea photo...and am looking forward to seeing what my 'limelight' looks like when I return home.

  14. Sorry you're having such gray days and that your flowers are turning to mush. If it makes you feel better, I'll tell you that my tomato plant turned to mush, too. So I planted a couple more, with hopes that I would get a few more tomatoes before this summer is over. Don't know if it's going to work, or not.


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