Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty in the Small Things and Stitching Progress

I was greeted by a flash of pink on my kitchen counter Saturday morning.  It seems hubby couldn't resist snipping this last bunch of Knock Out roses when he was out earlier to get the newspaper.

I was impressed that he knew where to find a vase and also impressed by the way the sunlight was shining right on the rose at the moment I walked in the room.  It was in the spotlight and provided a happy start to my day.  Beauty in the small things, I guess. 

Speaking of small things...
This tiny little pot of succulents was a wedding favor from the wedding I went to in Seattle.

 I always thought I didn't like succulents.
That was before these little cuties took up residence on my kitchen counter.

Now they are keeping me company as I stand at the kitchen sink.
Did you know that if you empty your cosmetic bag and fill it with tissues and tiny succulents and then position it into the middle of your suitcase they will survive a flight from Seattle to Dallas and then another flight from Dallas to Charlotte?  It's true and when I unpacked them not a single speck of dirt had spilled.  
I know, amazing things you read on this blog.
And to further the amazement, I bring you this weeks progress (two days late):

The left side has been finished and the presents are starting to appear under the tree.

I've also started adding the pesky gold metallic thread to the border.

As I've been plodding along on my cross stitch, I've been inspired by the Christmas decorating and creating going on all over blogland.  On one hand I am already feeling behind.  I suspect the day after Thanksgiving I'll be switching gears and finding great joy in decking the halls.  Until then I am savoring the moments leading up to Thanksgiving.   

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  1. You're funny, Kim! I love your cross stitch project. It's very pretty!
    Cute little toadstool add-in, too!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh Kim, it is the little things that make a difference! How sweet of your husband to make your day in such a kind way. I love that! I too, was at a wedding recently that had succulents as favors, and I find them unique and interesting, although I must admit, I am surprised that they survived their trip in the plane:) You must never stop blogging, because your posts always leave me with a smile for the day.

    FYI...I only have my Christmas decorations completed because my family is coming home for Thanksgiving this year and not Christmas. So, I wanted it done ahead of time. But relax my friend, you have plenty of time to add the touches of beauty that you do every holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I am thankful for you!

  3. Don't worry about 'being behind' dear, most of us haven't really done a lot for Christmas yet! It's the retailers who keep moving these major holidays up...........personally I would like it to go in the other direction like I see in European countries still - decorations and baking done just a few days before
    Christmas, running about shopping, exciting in those last days before the wonderful day arrives. Sometimes here I feel almost bored and let down by the time Dec. 25th arrives, which is sad.

    That said, yesterday I spent too much time putting together IKEA's lovely lighted hanging stars (love IKEA but sometimes their items are complicated - or our hands are too large for the fiddly bits, or we're just stupid!) to hang in the gazebo, and I did put up the small faux tree, also in the gazebo, before the weather turns bad, but will decorate it later on a warmer day!

    Your hubby is GOOD! Cutting and decorating with the Knockouts is amazing - mine wouldn't notice them unless I stuck his nose in them, haha!

    Love the cross-stitch piece, wish my eyesight would improve so I can do some like I used to! The cute succulents did travel well, that was a great idea.

    Kim, If I don't get back here before Thursday - have a blessed and lovely Thanksgiving dear.
    Holiday hugs - Mary

  4. Dear Kim ... how sweet of your hubby! I love the cute way you have added that little touch to your kitchen with a bit of greenery and that bit of red and white ... so, so cute! Your cross-stitch is very pretty as well. We will begin our Christmas decorating just after Thanksgiving. We will keep it old fashioned and simple again this year. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs ♥ Teri

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Kim! Love your cross stitch! Twyla

  6. Hello, Kim. Succulents are plants I am learning to love, too. They are so easy to care for. How sweet of your husband to fill the vase with roses. They are beautiful - welcome colour just now when all the autumn leaves have blown off the trees.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Enjoy that last rose...compliments of your hubby!

    I am admiring succulents here, there and everywhere...but don't have any of my own. Yet! I like your idea of grouping them in a tray. Your cross-stitch tree is coming right along!

  8. Nice progress on your cross stitch.
    What a thoughtful husband!! : )
    I to will start with Christmas decorations once Thanksgiving is past. Maybe my grandkids will enjoy helping me decorate my 'boxes.'

  9. That is amazing that your succulents survived the flights across the country! They are quite cute. I'm surprised you still have blooming roses. What a nice gift at the end of November. Your cross-stitch is really coming along well. I never liked using the gold filament thread either. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

  10. What a sweet gesture from your husband. Love the way you display your succulents-very cute.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kim.


  11. Your stitching project is coming right along. I'm waiting til the day after Thanksgiving to do any decorating, too. Thanksgiving is important too and deserves it's own time. I love the little parade of succulents along your kitchen counter. My sister has always loved those little hens and chicks. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


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