Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Bells Did Ring

Way back here I was assembling an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding.  You may recall our conversation about bra fittings??
Well, the wedding has come and gone and I'm just now getting around to doing a post. Yes it's true what they say about time flying.

I must say that the whole ferry experience was new to me.
My husband thought it was no big deal, but I found it fascinating to see how many cars could fit on this one big boat and even more fascinating to see how all day long these ferries filled up and traveled back and forth from the mainland to the islands.
I know... it doesn't take much for some people.
Moving on....
this was the best way to travel from Seattle to:

Which is where the wedding was to be held.
My nephew and his bride selected a most beautiful venue for their special day.  Unfortunately  I don't have a photo of the entrance to The Farm Kitchen .  If you are interested in knowing more about it, simply click the link.

 The weather for their outdoor ceremony could not have been more perfect.
The setting was so peaceful.
All around us were trees filled with ripening apples and plums.
We all had to laugh when a few plums decided to drop during the bride's mothers reading.  Luckily they didn't land on her head :).

The new Mr. & Mrs.
The bride's dress was gorgeous and fit in so well with the vintage flair of the wedding.

After the ceremony it was a short walk to the reception.
Under this billowy white canopy, the bride and her sisters had put their own special touches to the tables.  Much to my delight there were unique vintage touches all around.

At the bar.

On the tables.
The bride's sister began collecting vintage tablecloths and accessories as soon as she was told about the upcoming wedding.
The flowers were picked from the surrounding flower gardens.
I think it all came together so nicely.

My nephew and his mom both have large record collections.
I thought the use of record albums as chargers was a cute idea.

Love this idea instead of the boring guest book.

The desserts at this wedding were all homemade and out of this world.
Yum. Yum. Yum.

One of several cakes.

There was another table set up with trays of cookies.
I never even saw those until after the wedding when I was looking at the photographer's photos.  Probably a good thing I didn't know at the time ; -)

Wishing a very special nephew and his beautiful bride a long and happy marriage.

Because some of you asked for a photo of the dress I selected to wear that day, I had intended to have my son take one in the beautiful flower gardens of The Farm Kitchen.
However, we were so caught up in enjoying every happy detail of the wedding that I nearly forgot.

Better late than never, as they say.


  1. Kim, you look radiant and beautiful! You have a very handsome hubby. The wedding looked so fabulous, the venue and the vintage theme. Such a beautiful couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love. xo

  2. You look fabulous! And that bridal gown was breath taking!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Her dress was gorgeous, as was the garden/farm venue. I love her use of the vintage tablecloths and the dahlias. And you look fantastic in your dress, Kim!

  4. PS- I used to be so frightened of the ferries when I was a little girl. When the horn would go off, I'd run screaming to my mommy.

  5. The newly weds look so beautiful and handsome! I love the vintage inspired dress she wore. And you look beautiful in blue. I love wearing that shade of blue, too. My eyes are blue, are yours? Thanks for sharing the photos of the wedding! Sweet hugs!

    1. Thank you, Diane. Yes, my eyes are blue. The dress looks blue, but in real life it is purple :)

  6. I've been to many weddings in the last year because my son's friends are all getting married. Your nephew's wedding was really beautiful. I love the vintage theme. The brides dress is stunning!

  7. I just love these old fashioned, vintage style weddings don't you? It looks like a lot of fun and I think a lot of money is saved on simplicity. You look beautiful in your blue dress! Thanks for sharing this lovely wedding with us.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. Like you, I love this type of wedding. The vintage decor fit so well with the outdoor farm/garden venue. I do believe they were able to save a lot this way. They made most of the decorations and seemed to have a lot of fun doing so.

  8. I love weddings like this, where the personalities of the bride and groom shine through. Her dress is stunning and they make a very handsome couple, as do you and your groom of a few more years. Love your dress.
    Are those vintage tablecloths on the tables? I love the way they look.

  9. Thank you, Lorrie. Yes, they are vintage tablecloths. The bride's sister collected them all and had them shipped from Michigan to Washington. They almost didn't make it on time. It was a close call and made for a lot of last minute ironing.

  10. This was a very pretty wedding. I love the use of vintage things and flowers from the garden. The bride's dress is so feminine and lovely. The newlyweds are a beautiful couple and look so happy! Kim, your photo with your hubby is look very beautiful in your special dress!

  11. This is what a wedding is all about, so many personal touches.
    You look like a million bucks in that dress! Terrific color on you.


  12. I was hoping that you would share this wedding. I looked forward to seeing the details and the dress. It was well worth my wait. The wedding touches were so special, especially for one like myself, who really likes the vintage style. The tea cups with the candles in looked so pretty with the rest of the centerpiece! I loved looking at every single detail. Thanks so much for taking time to share it with us.

    Oh, and by the way, you and your husband sure make a nice looking couple! The dress choice...perfect!

  13. You look radiant! Just beautiful. That is a super photo. May I rave on a little longer or would you like me to stop now? I mean it...stunning.

    The wedding looks so nice. Many good wishes for a wonderful life for the happy couple!

    1. Don't stop raving on my account :D. Ha ha, just kidding.
      Thank you for your kind comments, Vee.

  14. Beautiful! Everything. I love all the vintage touches and the peaceful farm-like setting. Wishing your nephew and his bride many blessings on their journey together!

    And you look fabulous in your blue dress!

  15. Oh my everything looks so beautiful and perfect!! Her dress was gorgeous. I love it!!!
    All those desserts - yummy!
    I love the color of your dress and you look terrific in it. A lovely photo of you and your husband!
    May your nephew and new wife be as happy in 25 years as they are now.: )
    I too would have been fascinated with the ferry!!

  16. Beautiful mementoes of a wonderful day.


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