Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goodnight Sweet Garden

The last bloom on the geranium.

Last handful of tomatoes.

Putting the garden to bed for the winter today.
Though we haven't had a killing frost yet, it can't be too far off. 
As much as I hate to see the end to the summer tomatoes...

I am looking forward to snipping fresh, crisp lettuce leaves from the lettuce bowl I planted on the patio table.
It's such an easy to grow cool weather crop.

Though I will miss the beauty of the summer garden,
I know that each season has something special to offer.

 So, today I am saying Goodnight to my Sweet Garden.
She has worked hard all summer providing us with color , beauty and nourishing herbs and vegetables.  She deserves a long winter's nap.
In her place we will enjoy all that the autumn garden has to offer.
 The flowers have slowed down, but the trees...
Oh, the beautiful, beautiful trees against the blue, blue sky with the puffy white clouds.  Somehow makes the end of tomato season a bit easier to take.

Happy November, friends.
(don't forget to set your clocks back tonight ;-) 



  1. I know what you mean, Kim. Good bye to our flowers but hello to cozy inside days.
    How smart to grow lettuce in a pot! My parsley is still chugging along.

  2. Another lovely post. Always a joy coming over here!!
    We are getting ready for winter. Most all the trees are bare here now. You're right though - each season has its own beauty.

  3. Your trees are stunning! Believe it or not, we are just now beginning to see the tiniest peek of color here. Most of my plants are having a new burst of energy because of the cooler air. I do have pansies waiting for their spot in the ground though so it's about time to pull things out.

  4. You really have lots of colour in the trees there. Very pretty! I put the last of my summer flowers down on Friday morning before the storm came. It's the latest I've kept them growing so I got to enjoy them for a long time. It's really looking and feeling like November up here now. At least you can grow some veggies all winter long there. That would be really nice to enjoy. ;)

  5. The trees have changed in the one week we've been here...all with their Autumn colors on now. Enjoy your weekend my friend. It got a big colder today, too! Hugs!

  6. Gorgeous color and a lot of variety. I know that you'll enjoy them and I hope that you'll get out for a few foliage peeping drives.

  7. Yesterday was gorgeous, this morning sunny but I feel a definite coolness in the air. My favorite time of year, and now with the time change, a feeling of what's ahead for Winter takes over.

    Love the pics you shared here - and the lettuce is a good idea - nothing like a fresh salad along with the bowl of steaming homemade soup!

    Happy day dear Kim - Mary

  8. Lovely pictures of your garden produce and area. It's always sad to put the garden to bed, but then there are other things to occupy the mind and hands.

  9. What a great idea...growing lettuce in a patio planter at this time of he year! Enjoy the last of the garden...and all that fall has to offer.

  10. I like how you wrote goodbye to your garden. She did do a special show for you the last few months. I was given a lettuce garden for my table, but sad to say, it does not look near as robust and healthy as yours does. I need lessons. I needed a dose of beauty, and I thank you for sharing that with me today, especially via your first picture, and the gorgeous trees.

  11. Kim,
    The geranium is so pretty, and the color is so vibrant. I still have a few roses blooming in my front yard, but not for long, as we are in full Autumn here and getting colder every day. Your yard looks so green and groomed. There's nothing like homegrown tomatoes, is there?

    Have a blessed week.


  12. It was really hard to say goodbye to the tomatoes this year. That's my favorite of the garden produce. You just can't get a tasty tomato at the grocery store. I never thought about planting lettuce in a bowl or planter. Great idea!

  13. Hello Kim
    Oh it is so hard saying goodbye to all the beauty the Summer season provides.
    The tomatoes will have a special flavor at this time of year and your geranium has been a very generous bloomer I imagine.
    It will be nice curling up by the fire for a few months though!
    I enjoy the winter months - there's time for planning the garden for next year, scanning plant catalogues and the like!!

    enjoy your Wednesday Kim


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