Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping The Home Fires Burning

Well, it started at about 2:00 and it's still coming down.
Yesterday I was enjoying our 60 degree temperatures.
Glad I took the time to fill the birdfeeders.

As you can see the front porch is already covered with a layer of sparkling white... snow white... beauty.
This is our first (and quite possibly last) snowfall of the season.
Always a camera worthy event for us here in the south.

 When Brett got home from work we started up the fireplace and sat down to talk before dinner.
Not long after we sat down he received an S.O.S. call from a co-worker who was stranded in the snow.  Seems his little sports car didn't want to do anything but spin it's wheels, so off Brett went to help him out.
I'm keeping the home fires burning until he returns.
Sometimes the northerners poke fun at the way things seem to come to a screeching halt here when the snow begins to fly.  That's not really fair because it is mainly due to the fact that there aren't the same amount of plows and other snow removing devices here.  With so little snowfall it isn't necessary.

To my way of thinking there's nothing more appealing on a cold snowy day than a nice hot bowl of homemade soup.
Tonight it will be white bean and ham.

 A nice piece of crusty bread to go with the soup.
When I began blogging I was constantly running across posts about the famous artisan bread made in a dutch oven.  So glad I finally tried it.  It's so easy and soooo scrumptious.  It does require some advanced planning, but is well worth it.  Do you make it?
If not, I highly recommend it.

Well, now all I need is Brett and we can warm our tummies and then get back to warming up in front of the fire.  Maybe a little hot chocolate for dessert?

I know so many of you are dealing with serious cold and snow.  I hope you are all managing to keep warm and cozy.


  1. Your snow is gorgeous! The south is getting all our snow right now. We have none at the moment, the last remaining patch in the shade melted yesterday. Your soup and bread look delicious! A perfect winter meal!

  2. Yum your soup looks so good and with the crusty bread - great meal. The snow looks so pretty. Hopefully it won't last long. Stay warm.

  3. Oh Kim, you got a really pretty snow! We got some here in Winston-Salem, but not as much as other parts of the state. I love your pictures! We're also keeping the home fires burning, but we still have a wood-burning fireplace. It's a lot messier than gas logs, but it is cozy on a night like tonight. We had soup for dinner, too. Taco soup and a skillet of cornbread. :) Your white bean and ham soup looks wonderful and so does your bread!

    My husband drives a Mazda Miata, and he said it was tough getting home tonight on our slick roads. I hope your husband's co-worker gets home okay. :) Enjoy the rest of your evening, Kim!

    Big hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. How beautiful and you certainly know how to do cozy well!

  5. I'd rather have snow than the relentless rain we're experiencing but then snow melts and the resulting water has to drain somewhere . . .

  6. You are really getting some snow there Kim. It looks pretty and I'm glad you have a cozy fireplace and some comfort food to keep you warm.

  7. I know you are enjoying that snow. It is pretty I must admit when its fresh.
    I have never tried or heard of that bread. I'm intrigued so I must try it. Your soup looks yummy!
    Keep safe and warm


  8. Your photos are so pretty and your soup and bread dinner is the perfect meal to accompany that snow! Tell me, did you have a third guest for dinner?

    of course southern states have no need for a snow budget, but up here we are literally ordered off the roads so they can be salted and cleared. But then, we have more public transportation options. But hopefully this was a once in a generation storm.

    1. No third guest for dinner, Barbara. It took Brett 2 hours to get him delivered home, but everyone made it safe and sound. Dinner was just rather late.

  9. No, I've never made that kind of bread but oh my does it ever look delicious.
    Ah you got some snow. Did you go out and make snow angels? : )

    1. No snow angels as it was already melting from the grass by morning. I did get to do a bit of shoveling which was quite easy since it was very powdery.

  10. A perfect winter evening, Kim, cozy fire, good food, and someone to share it with. We are snowed and iced in more ice than snow, the weather man sure missed this call in our neck of the woods, we have about 4 inches of mixed on the ground and with the freezing weather it is sure to stay for a while. Like you had read a lot about the Artisan bread and have wanted to try t, maybe this would be a great time. Enjoy your snow time, it was so nice of your dh to go out in the snow and help.

  11. Hi Kim! I bet you're having fun with the snow! Did you build a snowman? Your soup looks delicious!

    1. Our snow was too powdery for snowman making :(. It sure is pretty though.

  12. It looks like you were well prepared for the snow with some comfort food and a cozy fire! Very nice!!

  13. Your homemade soup looks so delicious! Even though the sun is out today, a bowl of that soup and your bread would make my day so good! I thought of you during your snow storm. What a surprise for all of you! Your pictures sure are pretty, and the fire looks inviting. It seems like snowstorms do give us time
    to sit and talk with those we love.

  14. Such pretty scenes of the fire and the snow in your yard. Soup and bread are just the thing for a snowy day. I'm catching up after being away so the snow is likely all gone now.

  15. Well, I keep meaning to make bread in a dutch oven and because of this I WILL do it this weekend.

    Stay warm. Love photos of the snowy night.


  16. snow snow and more snow here too ♥ stay warm


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