Monday, January 13, 2014

Vintage Linen Love

Just when I seemed to be having trouble getting inspired to cozy up my nest after the holidays, along comes a sweet little library book to the rescue.

 Although the Christmas decor was finally put away, the weather had become rainy or gloomy or rainy & gloomy.  It seemed like one gray day after another.
When I started reading this little book, it was like the sun had just come out.  As I read about how EllynAnne Geisel inherited a collection of linens from her mother-in-law and went on to love and appreciate them I no longer cared what the weather was doing.  Inside that little book EllynAnne was sharing the most adorable pictures and stories of the way she and her friends use their linens.  She encouraged those of us who own vintage linens to bring them out of hiding and use them on a daily basis.

After finishing the book I could hardly wait to dig out some of my linens and start using them.
Inspired by a photo in the book I laid out a few of my pastel doilies and took a picture.  Outside it may be cold and damp, but inside I was busy creating springtime with my linens. :-).

 Sometimes the simple touches bring the most joy.
Cooking has just become more fun now that the oils are tucked into a vintage planter with a vintage hot pad peeking over the edge.

 As I look at these vintage linens I feel a kinship to the lady who embroidered these days of the week towels.  
I won them in a silent auction held by our local Habitat ReStore so I don't know who made them or when. But, on this Monday afternoon as my washer and dryer are humming away it makes me smile to see these little bluebirds happily tending to their own laundry chores.

I'm going to a baby shower on Saturday.  The gift is sitting on the dining room table waiting to be wrapped.  I haven't felt like doing it today and now I no longer feel guilty as I see that Thursday is the day for gifts.  Silly me.

I can hardly wait until Saturday when the work is behind us and we can dig into that cake.
This set of towels didn't include a Sunday.  I'm thinking it's because Sunday is the day of rest or maybe it was lost along the way.
I'm thinking one of my antique savvy readers will have an answer to that.  Feel free to fill us in if you do.

Through the years I've collected a lot of vintage linens.
Some of the smaller pieces are stored in here
and . . .

others are stored in here.
 Not to mention all of the others that are stored in drawers.

As much as I love the beauty of vintage linens, I've been a little hesitant to have too many of them gracing my decor.
Maybe I've been too concerned about having my house look like a little old lady lives here.
But, I'm here to say it's a new year and EllynAnne has empowered me to bring those linens out of the closet.
I feel so liberated!
Besides, now that I'm a grandma I fully qualify for "little old lady" status.  I might as well take advantage of the few perks to this stage of life.  :-D.


  1. I love those 7 days of the week towels, I am no expert, but I think there would be one for Sunday. xo

  2. Oh I love all your linens. They are all so pretty and colorful.
    I think I've just found a new thing to collect when we go into antique stores. : )

  3. Your linens certainly add a cheerful and cozy look to your basket of oils and other spots. I do love linens, too, but don't want too many of them on display.

  4. What a neat book! I have the Apron book by that author and it's neat, too. I even have a set of these towels but I'm missing a day, too. I went to look and see which day but they must be packed away in a bin. I'll have to get them out soon. I use a lot of my crochet doilies around the house. I love handmade best! Your pretty towels sure have beautiful colors! Sweet hugs!

  5. How sweet! I've always loved the Monday-Saturday job linens. A whole day devoted to ironing!
    I like being a little old lady and a granny, too!

  6. What a fun book to read. You must have found many in the book like your own collection. I have not hesitated to display my linens, but I do recognize that it is highly out of favor with the in decorating crowd. Oh well. To each her own.

  7. Kim, I love your collection of hot mats and the tea towel set. They are just the sweetest and such pretty colours. Those bluebirds are so cute! I have several of the crocheted hot mats and often display them and I also have a lot of linen towels stashed in drawers and some are used as table runners. Your book would be a good resource.

  8. Kim, your linens are wonderful, and I like how you used them in your decor. Makes me want to go to the attic and bring some of mine down. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Kim, they are all gorgeous! LOVE them! I collect vintage linens and potholders, too and I do use them on a regular basis. I do have one set of tea towels from my Grandmother that I just display, but don't use. It would just break my heart for those to be destroyed through every day use. (the ones pictured in my header)

  10. Your vintage linens are a treasure! I have a set of 'days of the week' tea towels in the cedar chest. I must go check if there is one for Sunday.

  11. So many memories came flooding back to me with this visit to your pretty blog. I love vintage linens! I love the memories they contain and the colorful way they dress up vignettes. You are the queen of that gift! Each one looks so perfectly chosen to complete the looks in your kitchen. I especially like the ones you won, with the days of the week on them. Both of my grandmas had many of these lovely pieces, and yes, they would be absolutely thrilled to know that someone like you would choose to display them.

    What a beautiful, uplifting post for this grandma to read this morning:)

  12. Glad to find your blog because I love vintage linens and also have a collection, especially printed tablecloths. Love your crocheted doilies, and especially the tea towels.

  13. Forgot to say, I have that book and read through it on a regular basis, lol.

  14. Hello, Kim...

    I came across your site looking up vintage linens. I don't own a lot of them, but I do love them so. There is something bright, cheery, and lovingly nostalgic about them, so I can't resist pleasing my eyes and heart with them. After looking around a bit, I'm now a follower of your delightful blog.

    I was reading your newer posts about the snow you've been having. I live in SE Texas, and we just had a cold front here. Not as severe as we were expecting, but it chilled things up a bit to my delight. My extended family still lives in New Jersey and they are experiencing severe temperatures, so I don't take this lightly, but it is a pleasant change from the constant heat down here, and since I grew up in the northeast I do miss the advantages of all four seasons.

    Blessings for a happy day,

  15. They are beautiful! Love how bright the colors are. I don't have many in my collection but do love vintage linens, especially hand embroidered ones.


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