Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miles and Miles From Perfect

 I think I would post more often if I carried my camera around and snapped pictures throughout the day.
My posts seem to come about when I'm home for the day and an idea pops into my head.  In my mind are perfectly composed photos.  Out comes the camera.  Snap.. snap.. snap.
With high expectations I upload the photos only to go yuck.. delete..delete..delete.  Rarely do they look anything like what I had in mind.  
Case in point (the above photo).
Yep, there's a glare on them there windows and the weight of the freshly filled feeder is making the shepherd's hook lean to the left.  Oh well, big deal.  I've got bigger fish to fry. 

I bought this flatbread at Aldi's the other day.
I used it to make a wrap and wasn't totally thrilled with the texture.
Today I decided to try a different approach.

Sharp cheddar and some sliced chicken leftover from dinner.
Warmed in the frying pan until cheese melted and the flatbread was crisp.

At that point I added sliced tomatoes, avocado and lettuce.
A little fresh pineapple on the side and it was a healthy and tasty lunch.  The flatbread tasted so much better being a bit crispy.
That pineapple was only 99 cents at Aldi and boy is it ever sweet.
Do you ever shop at Aldi?  We've had one nearby for years but I've only been there twice.  Recently I was reading a blog talking about all of the good deals she finds there so I decided to check it out.  There did seem to be a lot of good prices.  I mostly bought produce.

 Normally when I'm home for the day, I fill up a water bottle and sip it throughout the day.
Today I felt like kicking it up a notch at lunchtime.
I bought these glasses several years ago at an antique store.
For the most part they sit behind my glass cupboard doors looking pretty.

I like the way the sunlight reflects off of the blue glass.
Not only that, but I like the way this glass fits in my hand.
The men in my family seem to think a glass is a glass.
Recently while at my son's house his girlfriend requested a glass of wine.  He brought it to her in an Oscar the Grouch mug.  I had to laugh when she quietly inquired as to whether there was a wine glass.  I guess it's more of a girl thing.

Okay, does anybody remember what this post is about??

Oh yes...
perfect photography... or the lack of it!
blurry birds.

slightly less blurry birds behind winter weary windows..
double sigh!!
I once visited a blog where the bird photos were clear and beautiful.
She even explained her tricks for obtaining such lovely shots.  I know it involved a tripod set up near the window.  I have one of those (somewhere).  I think I read this post a few years ago and still haven't bothered to find my tripod.  
I think the truth of the matter is that it would take a lot of time and effort to achieve perfection in my photographs.  More time and effort than I seem to want to devote to it.
For now I'm glad to know there are so many others who share their perfectly gorgeous photography.  

And now the vacuum is calling my name so I'm off to work on perfect vacuum lines in the carpet.

Hope you all are staying warm.
It's almost the weekend.  Anything fun planned?


  1. Having had a similar experience within the hour, I can relate. If it's any consolation, I did set up the tripod and achieved nothing any better than you've achieved without it. I always enjoy seeing your photos. You have the eye! Now do you suppose that your son will learn to serve the wine in a wine glass? Hope so!

  2. Now I don't feel so guilty for not digging out the tripod, although I am sorry it didn't yield better results for you.
    As for the wine glass, we can only hope. I still remember the first time Brett carved the Thanksgiving turkey and arranged the slices on a Sesame Street plate. Perhaps it runs in the family. Ha!

  3. The woodpecker photo is great! It's so hard to take photos of birds through the windows. I've just about given up. And I love pretty glasses and mugs from the thrift store. I'm kind of funny....I use a different one depending on what I'm drinking. I have a pink glass and I drink water out of it all day and then the glass with red flowers is for tea and the one with green is for lemonade. I never thought that was odd until I just wrote it! But aren't the old glasses beautiful? Your blue glass is exquisite! Hugs!

  4. Oh we are such kindred spirits. I try to take pretty pictures, but then I just use what I have! But I think you did pretty good catching those birds!

  5. Kim, I think your photos are lovely. I enjoyed the first one, loved seeing green grass. Oh, to be a snowbird. I really need to be proactive with that. I have wanted to visit an Aldi's but none near me I have to go to Jersey. As soon as the harsh weather calms down a bit. A friend tells me all foreign brands that they never heard of, that doesn't stop me! love your lunch. xo

  6. Kim, I love your photos. They inspire me. I'm like you. I'm always trying to get that perfect photo. Usually I know when the light is just right and it's going to work, or the opposite. A lot of times after uploading lots of pics., it is then when I find that just right one that works. I'm also fussy about cups and glasses. It matters. Have a wonderful weekend. Kathi

  7. You and I are so on the same page! I keep wanting to take pretty bird pictures. My tripod has never been out of the box. My posts also come completely on a whim. Your sandwich looks yummy!! Did you like the Fit and Active flatbread? We have an Aldi but I haven't tried that product.

  8. Stacey,
    It does sound like we are on the same page when it comes to blogging. Ha! So glad to know I'm not alone in the tripod situation.
    I thought the flatbread was good after I warmed it up until the outside was slightly browned and crispy. When I had it straight from the bag I thought the texture was kind of strange.

  9. Kim, I enjoyed your post today. It made me smile. I take a lot of photos through my windows and it's difficult to avoid glare, shadows, reflections and good old dirt. :-0 You got a good shot of the woodpecker. Your sandwich looks really delicious and healthy. I like your tablecloth and the blue stemware and think it's nice that you used the blue glassware for lunch. Why not!? I enjoyed seeing your green grass by the way. It looks so nice and warm there. Have a good weekend.

  10. Oh that looks super duper yummy!!! I love meals like that.... thank for sharing! (I'm HUNGRY!

  11. Indeed we do shop at Aldi's and like you produce is our major purchase! I do think it is a girly thing about glasses, and enjoy bringng out some pretty ones for water.I always enjoy your thoughts and your photos, Kim! Thank you for sharing.

  12. There isn't an Aldi around here so no I don't shop there.
    I like the flat bread crispy too. That lunch sounds really good.
    I love using good glasses and dishes. Why save them. You might as well enjoy them.
    Your photos are lovely. I always enjoy them.
    We are staying warm by the pellet stove. Love that thing.
    Supposed to go below zero again tonight.

  13. I started shopping at ALDI almost 20 years ago when we moved here. It was a financial blessing at that time, and I've kept going there which is how I saved so much I became rich. Just kidding. But I do appreciate their prices and when someone compliments me on a dessert I usually enjoy telling them everything was purchased at ALDI. They have great dairy. I don't blog to often for the same reason as you. Maybe we're too picky!

  14. I like the blue glassware! Bird photos are hard. I have no patience when it comes to taking pictures of birds, but I love it when other people do! I like your photo of the cardinal!

  15. It's not so much about the photos as it is the content. I can so identify with this post. I take photos, then delete, delete. Your blue glass is so pretty. I think water tastes better from an attractive glass, and tea in a china cup. We have glorious sunshine today and temps in the 40s (I think - 10 degrees Celsius). So lovely and energizing.

  16. It does not matter what kind of day I have, whenever I visit here, I leave feeling happier, and sometimes I even leave laughing. Today was one of those times. I could so relate to all you wrote and I can't tell you how thankful I am that you are still blogging. I don't care if your pictures are all perfect! After all, anyone who drinks water out of such a pretty goblet gets my vote:) The sandwich looks so good and I now, cannot wait to visit Aldi's again. There is one about 10 mins. from our home. Thanks for the reminder.
    I like all bird pictures!
    Thanks for adding a smile to my day, and a touch of beauty to it also.

  17. Kim, this post brings a smile to me. It's funny, I do agree about the drinking glass (your blue one is beautiful, by the way), and you must drink wine from a wine glass! Your lunch looks yummy and so healthy. I shop at Aldi for some things and find the prices are great.
    I have the same problem with bird photos. They never seem to turn our quite right. No worry, though, your photos are great, keep snapping away!
    Enjoy our day!

  18. Blurry bird photos are artistic! Imagine them as watercolors...see what I mean?
    You need to use those gorgeous goblets every day. Especially if you know the pattern and know you can buy replacements from Replacements. I am going to inherit so much crystal and china I plan to just go "good stuff" every day. They sure were not enjoyed much by their original owners; the dust on one set was so thick I thought it was all smoked glass!

  19. I think your photos are just fine! I snap lots and lots of photos and hope that one might be okay. Too often they aren't as sharp and crisp as I'd like them to be, but oh well, I'll use them anyway! Who has time to fiddle with a tripod? I have one, but don't use it like I should. I even bought a mini-pod and it doesn't get used much either. I haven't been able to tell a big difference when I have used it.

    I love your pretty goblets. That is one thing I do enjoy using...pretty glassware.

  20. We don't have Aldi's over here...but we sure have been enjoying fresh pineapple this week. So juicy and tasty. I think I delete more pictures than I keep...but I already know it takes many to get one for our food blog! Love the sunlight on your blue glass.

  21. Well, I DO carry that camera of mine around everywhere I go, and I still come out with less than perfect pictures most of the time. I have been trying to photograph birds for years and have yet to get a decent shot that I can think of. (Of course, I will blame my cheap point and shoot rather than the photographer. That works for me.)

    I thought your lunch sounded wonderful, and IMO food and drink just tastes better in pretty dishes and glasses. We don't have Aldi around here.


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