Monday, June 16, 2014

Starting The Week With a Bang and a Boom

Shortly after breakfast the noises began.
Boom... Crash... Woof Woof!
My idea to keep the blinds closed to the action didn't hinder Jaxson from his normal curiosity.
He crawled over to the door, yanked the blinds back and probably wondered if his grandparents had taken leave of their senses.

 That tree that has been giving us this view for 14 springtimes is now this view...

My inner tree hugger is having a conflict with this.
However, sometimes things like this have to be done in the name of progress.  Not to mention tree roots that have become HUGE and are headed for the foundation of the house.

Jaxson most likely also wondered why the patio that recently looked like this now looks like this...

We have taken leave of our senses. :-D.

 (to be continued :)



  1. Yikes! Taking down a tree is always bittersweet. But the roots can damage a house foundation, as you know. I know you'll replace that beauty with another. Good luck with putting things back together.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I'm sorry you had to have that beautiful tree taken down, but I do understand what a problem it is to have trees too close to the house. We've had some issues here ourselves. You have a lovely home, and I'm anxious to see why you've torn that pretty patio up. ;) Now, my favorite part of this post is that adorable grandson peeking out the window!! I just love this shot of his cute head and hand!! Makes me remember when our son was that age; it's just a precious time. :)

    Enjoy your week Kim!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Ooooo, that is a big change! But like you say, sometimes thing have to be done like this. I am sure you will have it looking beautiful in no time. You have a very lovely home, Kim.

  4. So sorry about the tree. I can identify with that since we just removed a lovely weeping willow because of the damage the roots were causing. Looking forward to seeing your 'after' pic's. I'm sure it will be a 'new beautiful'!

  5. Have you?! LOL! Loved the description of Jaxson finding out for himself what was going on. Your home is so beautiful that I'm confident that good things are coming.

  6. That's painful! I hate to see a tree go but sometimes it's just necessary. That will change the whole lighting in your house, I bet.

  7. Sorry about the tree but these things happen.
    Oh, big changes. I'm guessing a deck or sun room addition?

  8. Oh, that was a beautiful tree. Looking forward to see what happens next.


  9. You have a beautiful home, Kim. I know how tree roots can damage a foundation and you didn't want that. That was a gorgeous tree, but maybe you can plant another a bit further away?

  10. Yikes! I know lots of folks who have roots get into their drains and cause all sorts of problems. But sure do hate to lose such a beautiful tree. Could it be replanted or is it a total loss? I'm sure the changes you are making will be great. Best wishes for a wonderful week, Tammy

  11. I hate to remove trees, too. Sometimes it's necessary.
    What are the plans for the patio?

  12. After all the years of visiting your blog, I know for sure, that something good is coming! Can't wait to see what it is. As for your "inner tree hugger", I understand that. My husband wants to cut down one of our trees too, and I find that a difficult move to make. Wish you the best in your new endeavor!

  13. Oh wow. There is some big changes going on at your house and I can't wait to see what they will be. Jaxson is too cute peering out the window.

  14. Kids are so curious to know about all the things what is happening around!
    You are having a big work in your home!

  15. It looks like lots of interesting things are happening at your house! Enjoy that grandbaby :)


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