Monday, June 30, 2014

Strolling Through The Garden in Late June

 From a distance the hibiscus appears to be white.
Up close the true colors are revealed and they are too beautiful to be missed. 
 I believe this is one of the biggest rewards of blogging... taking the time to capture the moments and appreciating the beauty of those moments.

 Prior to blogging I took very few pictures of the garden and if I did take them, it was a distance shot of the entire plant which didn't do much to capture the true beauty of each individual blossom.
My goodness, I was missing a lot.
Nature really is amazing.

I brought the camera with me this morning as I made my way around the garden.
Thought I would share what's blooming here on this last day of June.

Although these two hydrangeas are the same variety, they bloom in slightly different shades.  They are supposed to be the pink and white combo.  

 The crape myrtles are just coming into bloom.
So pretty against the blue sky this morning.

The pink calla lilies are coming up white this year  and...

this one wasn't planted... at least not by me : -)...
and look what color it is.
Nature also keep us on our toes.  Our best laid plans can be changed at any time it seems.  While I didn't particularly want a lily growing here, it's just too pretty to remove, so here it will stay.
I think calla lilies are so elegant.
Prior to getting married, I had a picture of a bride torn from a magazine.  She held a bouquet of white calla lilies and I thought that was perfection for a bridal bouquet.  When my own wedding came along I ended up with artificial flowers which my mom insisted were much more practical.  Go figure.


Tomatoes and more tomatoes.
This year we bought the biggest tomato plants we could find.
They cost more up front, but are already paying off with an early yield.  We've already had at least a half dozen and several more are ready to be picked.  Not bad for two plants.  We also planted a pear tomato plant which has begun producing.

Of course you can't have tomatoes without basil.
I started my basil from seed in the house this year.  
I had four plants originally, but two have disappeared.
There one day, gone the next.
Just another garden mystery, I guess.

Anything mysterious happening in your garden?


  1. Having a little trouble landing in the box...I got my exercise anyway!

    Oh I am so glad that you took up your camera and began taking photos. You have
    a photographer's eye and I love seeing what's growing in your garden. Don't forget to
    show us the crape myrtle again!

  2. Beautiful flowers and great looking tomatoes. I still have about 4 or 5 tomatoes on my plant. I used one of those "Topsy Turvy" planters this year. I don't really have a place to plant tomatoes in the ground. I used to grow them in pots on my patio.

  3. Very pretty! I do love to look at gardens. :)

  4. Yes, some weird earwig type of bug was eating my basil so I put a few drops of lemon essential oil in the watering can and poured it over the plant. We'll see if it works! I have a feeling that many bugs like basil!
    Your flowers are perfect! Tomatoes, too! It IS so good to document our gardens, you're right!

  5. So far we have the best veggie garden we've had in quite a while. I planted several rows of zinnias, but only a few came up. That is my weird happening, I guess. I can't say that we had too much rain to wash the seeds away like has happened before, but I'd love to know why they didn't all come up. Other flowers I planted like poppies didn't come up either. My sunflowers appear to be doing okay, if I can keep the deer away! Your flowers are lovely and you were smart to get some big tomato plants. It will be awhile before we have tomatoes. Wish they grew as fast as zucchini! I have too many of those!

  6. Kim, everything looks so wonderful in your garden. I heard that Hydrangeas' colors are very much affected by the soil chemistry. So even though one may have a pink variety it could bloom as a blue in certain soils.

    Blessings for a great garden harvest,

  7. Oh your gardens are beautiful.
    I know what you mean about taking the time to look at everything closely. It is amazing what carrying around a camera makes you see.
    My cone flowers are just about to bloom any day now as are the daisies.
    Our growing season here is much shorter than we are used to. Our tomatoes and basil are still very small. We grew them from seeds. Next year we are buying the plants!!

  8. For me, one of the best things about blogging is, getting so see the beauty that is captured, and this post is a perfect example of that! Thank you for taking your camera on your walk, and thank you then for sharing the loveliness of it all, with us. Wow! What a garden you have!


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