Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cottage Garden or Garden Cottage

~ another print from the under the bed collection ~
Our rainy weather is preventing me from puttering in my garden today.

  It isn't, however, stopping me from puttering indoors.

 During my recent (never-ending) decluttering mission, I found these little garden miniatures tucked away in a drawer.  I think they would be charming in a fairy garden, but today they became a part of my indoor garden.  The one in the little cabinet in the powder room. 

By now you've probably noticed that the garden seems to wind it's way right into my house.  If I had to dream up a theme around here, it would most likely be Cottage Garden.  
Recently I was thinking it might be time for a makeover in this little powder room.  I was envisioning the wallpaper coming down and being replaced with beadboard.  Around this time my sister-in-law presented me with these petite garden boots, which are actually soap.  That was all it took to make me decide I really do still like this wallpaper and it fits into the cottage garden theme just fine.

 Thinking the indoor garden could use a boost from the outdoor garden on this rainy morning, I wondered what I might be able to clip while still in my pj's.  Thank goodness for those pansies right outside the front door.



  1. Beautiful post, Kim! I love the garden print from your "under the bed collection." Too cute! :) I can't believe those little garden boots are soaps -- they're darling!! Yes, I'm bringing the garden theme inside, too, and having great fun doing so. Based on the weather forecast, we're in for five more days of this rain. Yikes. Our grass sure is green, though. :)

    Enjoy your day of puttering, Kim!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. I like your train of thought because we can often be perfectly content without going into extra expense and effort. Your treasures are perfect and that first print is so darling.

  3. I just love all the things you place around your home. I'd love to just walk around your house and seeing them all displayed. : )

  4. It's raining in my neck of the woods, too, Kim. Your garden cottage theme is a very happy display. Cute soaps. It's funny to come across those forgotten buried treasures that end up being exactly the thing to perk up our homes.

    Thank you for strolling by today and visiting. May your day be sunny no matter the weather.

    Marianne xo

  5. Enjoyed your indoor cottage garden Kim, so pretty it is raining here two, we sneaked out in between showers and went to our local garden shop, hoping to be out in my garden tomorrow, though the inside could use some sprucing up too!`smile~

  6. Oh you cracked me up. I too have Under the Bed collection!!

  7. Cute garden things! That IS a great theme for you! Pansies are so lovely. I want lots of them around here this year!

  8. I love how you change the decor with the seasons! It's just started looking like spring here. Hope it stops raining soon!

  9. Love your cute garden decor, Kim! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that has an under the bed collection. Your collection is better than mine, I don't have anything as pretty as your first photo under my bed. :)

  10. Beautiful decor, Kim. I love a garden theme. Those are the cutest little boots! Will you ever use them as soap?

  11. Lorrie,
    I think they are going to fall into the "too cute to use" category.

  12. I like when the weather keeps you inside for a bit, because I know then, you will be creating and decorating inside, and today is no exception. Your garden décor touches are perfect! What fun it must be to visit each of the rooms inside your home, along with the gardens on the outside.


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