Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Morning

Well, look who I found peeking into my window this morning.

I couldn't help but ask him why he wasn't at work today.
After all it is Monday.

 Hmm... let me think a minute.

Ya see, it's like this...
My coffee maker is on the fritz and I just can't seem to get going this morning.  It's a long walk to the office and I thought I smelled coffee as I walked by your house.  A peek in the window affirmed my thoughts.  I think if I had a nice hot cup of coffee I'd be able to make it to work today.

  I never knew geckos were partial to coffee.  I'm not sure I'm buying this story.
However, just to appease you, here's a cup for the road.
Now get going before you're fired.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho... it's off to work I go.

 I guess we all have those mornings once in a while.

 Happy Monday,

(all images from here except the first 2 which are (unfortunately) mine).


  1. Very cute. I think his cousin was at my back door this morning.

  2. Hi Kim, I found one of these in my bedroom closet this weekend. Eeeek!! That's exactly what I said by the way. My closet isn't even messy either -- I couldn't believe it. I opened the sliding door, and I saw his tail zipping by. My first thought was a lizard, and my second thought was a snake. Double eeek! My husband later saw it before it ran under his nightstand, and he said it's definitely a gecko. Ironically, I had planned to write about it tomorrow. :) I would rather have one looking in my window that hiding in our bedroom. They're cute, but I prefer them outside.

    Have a lovely day, Kim!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Definitely an eek moment. Is he still at large?

  3. That is so cute Kim. I love the photos of the one you captured. Have a great week.

  4. Oh they're not quite as cute in real life, are they? Very cute post, Kim. Are you having trouble getting to work? =D

  5. What a fun post! When I saw that first photo I immediately thought of the commercial. lol! Have a nice week!

  6. What a cute and fun post. Thanks for the smile. : )

  7. What a delight that was, Kim! I agree with the other comments...thank you for the smile ;)

    Blessings for a wonderful day,
    Marianne xo

  8. What a hoot Kim! Cute post

  9. You should see me smiling, Kim, I just adored this post! Have a blessed day,

  10. Along with all of your other gifts, you have the gift of humor. Thank you for the smiles you presented to me today. I am still smiling at this.


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