Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Strolling Through the Spring Garden

 While enjoying my lunch on the patio today it occurred to me that it was time for some new material on the blog.  The only problem is I'm having trouble coming up with new material when really right now it's all about springtime.

 Every day there is something new happening right outside my door and I fear I'll miss it all if I stay inside too long.  The thing about spring blossoms is that they need to be appreciated promptly.  Procrastination in this area may mean missing the show entirely and that would mean waiting an entire year to see it all again.
To that I say... No Can Do.
So, I hope you'll join me for a springtime stroll through my garden.

 Most of my daffodils have come and gone already.
Thankfully a few of the late bloomers are still going strong.

For the most part tulips perform as annuals here.
This lone beauty came back for a repeat performance, much to my delight.

Hostas popping up here, there and everywhere.

A glimpse of the quince.
I planted it many years ago.  It didn't do much for most of those years.  It just sort of sat there... not growing, yet not dying.  Two or three years ago I dug it up and relocated it.  It seems to be very happy in it's new location.  It has doubled in size and is filled with blooms this year.  Had I not decided to stroll the garden today I might not have even noticed it as it is in a somewhat out of the way spot.  All the more reason to make it a point to stroll the garden in springtime :).

The dogwoods are always such a welcome sight to my eyes.
Sadly three of our trees seem to be nearing the end of their lives.  Much of the tree is now dead wood.  I'm choosing to crop that out and focus on the beautiful blooms that remain.

A stop at the bluebird nestbox revealed the work of a busy little Carolina Wren family.  Recently I set some of my dryer lint in amongst the branches of the butterfly bush.  It made me smile to see it appear in the base of the nest waiting to offer a soft place for the baby birdies to begin their new lives in.  I also spy bits of moss and some hair in there.  It seems there are lessons to be learned from the tender care our bird friend's show in preparing for their babies.  Amazing little architects they are.

Thanks for joining me in the garden today.
Perhaps you are still waiting for spring to arrive in your part of the world.  If so, I hope you enjoyed an early peak of what you have to look forward to.  If you are living in a southern location where spring is in full bloom, you will no doubt relate to the picture of my foot.  Notice the pollen covered toes and flip flops.  It was so thick out there today it looked like a yellow haze in the air.  We really could use a good rain to wash it all away.  I had to blow it off the picnic table before I sat down to eat. 
Oh well, I guess that's the price we pay for this profusion of blooms.



  1. Spring is so pretty and it really shows in your photos, they are beautiful.
    I love seeing the bird nest with the dryer lint ;)
    The tree pollen is unbearable here and my allergies have been giving
    me a fit for days, but we do have rain coming this weekend so that should

  2. So true! Spring I'm loving seeing it everywhere else. Doubtful that we'll see spring here as we may go straight to summer instead the way things are going. Love the color on the little wren's eggs. Very pretty.

  3. Thank you so much for taking us for a walk through your garden. Still looking at snow your beautiful flowers were a real treat.
    Have a nice day Kim

  4. Your photos are so beautiful! Spring is coming here, but we don't have any flowers popping up yet...hopefully soon :)

    Happy Thursday! Hugs!

  5. Oh I loved walking through your spring garden with you. Everything so very pretty.
    Love the nest of eggs.

  6. Hi Kim, I always ejoy walking your garden with you. I have some shoots appearing, unfortunately right after they peeped through, we had about four inches of snow...oh well. That is a lot of pollen!

  7. Kim, thank you so much for the lovely relaxing tour through your garden. I really needed this, as I've been very busy trying to promote my books. I'm tired. But your photos are so beautiful and welcoming. Ah-Ha! That green pollen...yes, it's everywhere here. All of the cars, no matter their colors, have a green hue to them.

    Blessings to you my dear,
    Marianne xo

  8. VERY pretty, Kim! The wren eggs are precious. Achoo! That's because of the pollen. Smile.

  9. What a lovely garden walk. The nest of eggs is awe-inspiring. How sweet that they took up your offer of dryer lint.

  10. I really enjoyed the walk around your garden, pollen and all! We're getting ice pellets then rain here this morning so seeing real spring is very nice. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment on my gallery wall. I appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend. Pam

  11. On this cool, overcast, and rainy afternoon, you can imagine how much I enjoyed walking through your garden with you. Here, I have not seen many tulips or daffodils yet, but they are coming. You have so many pretty colors and textures in your flower selection. I can easily see why you don't want to stay inside for too long. I am thankful for your lovely pictures today.

    Hope you have a good weekend! And, I hope you keep sharing garden pictures.

  12. I enjoyed seeing your garden, Kim. The tree is the first photos is so gorgeous. I love the flowering trees in the spring. I love spring! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Gosh, I need to proofread first! The second sentence should read "the tree IN the first PHOTO is so gorgeous". Sorry.


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