Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Bit of Fall Nesting

 Even though Mr. Squirrel already has a stash of acorns, I think he is finding the bigger ones to be mighty tempting.  See his little paw going in for the grab.  
His little white-rimmed eyes remind me of someone else around here. . .

Dear Peanut.
She was quietly observing me as I worked at playing with my fall decor.  At 13, she is starting to show her age and it tugs at my heartstrings.  Such a loyal companion she has been to us.

I'm somewhat hesitant to do a post on my fall decor because there's not a whole lot going on and it doesn't change much from year to year.  However, since I enjoy the opportunity to visit all of the beautiful homes decorated for the season in blogland, I thought I'd hop onboard and join in the fun.
This year I decided to gather up a bunch of dried hydrangea heads and place them in a bowl.  I think their understated colors are a good match for my pastel sofa and I like the texture they provide.

The bookcases got a slight makeover.
Translated to mean I replaced the summery looking books and pottery with the same things in more autumnal shades.

My vignettes seem to always include vintage pottery, books, birds and candles.  Most of which have come from the thrift shops.

On the kitchen table...
more dried hydrangeas and more thrift shop treasures.
How's that for budget decorating? ;D
Do you see those tall things outside the window?

Here's a closer view.
This was something planted with our summer landscaping project.
It's called Zebra Grass.  All summer it grew as a pretty and interesting striped grass.  It has been a pleasant surprise to see all of these tassels pop out as fall approached.  Many of them are taller than I am.  They gently sway in the breeze and add a lovely sense of movement to the garden. 

When they begin to open they remind me of corn on the cob tassels.  Once fully opened my thought was more like fall fireworks.  Which reminds me it's time to celebrate fall and all of the joys this season has to offer.  It also reminds me that it's time to put away the pallet flag.



  1. You have a lovely way around a vignette. The hydrangeas are beautiful and I do like your zebra grass just beyond the windows. Peanut is a cutie pie. She really does look just like a love.

  2. Peanut! What a cute name for a tiny dog. My dad had a dog that could be a twin to peanut! Yep, a loyal companion for sure. Happy Fall as you enjoy your pretty home. Everything is simply pretty.

  3. Your Fall decorating is nice; Thrift stores are my spot to find decorating stuff too. Also like the Zebra grass... have never heard of it before.

  4. Yes, dogs are great friends. I still miss my Sammy.
    Your house as always looks lovely, charming and homey. I love it all. : )

  5. Your fall vignettes are very charming. You have a beautiful home and sweet Peanut looks very content to be by your side while you are working.

  6. Hi Kim! Aw, your dog is so cute!
    I love that pear. I think I should knit a pear.
    Your house always looks so pretty, so loved.
    Happy October, friend!

  7. Your bowl of hydrangea is beautiful and a perfect complement to your sofa. I enjoy adding bits of fall here and there along with thrifted finds too. I like the zebra grass in your garden and am considering some kind of grass for ours next year. Happy October to you Kim. Blessings, Pam

  8. I like your vignettes, simple and elegant. Just a few touches are enough, I think. The zebra grass outside your window is pretty. I like the way grasses move in the breeze. Happy October 1!

  9. Kim, your bit of fall is perfect. I haven't really decorated for autumn yet. Your squirrel is a sweet accent, and I do love the dried hydrangeas - their colors are wonderful with you decor and have an autumn flair.

    Blessings for a delightful October,
    Marianne xox

  10. Those dried hydrangeas add so much to the fall touches of your lovely home! I especially like the vignette with the flowers and the candle. My favorite picture here...the zebra grass outside of your window and how you captured it so beautifully.
    Happy Friday!

  11. I love your fall decorations. It gave me inspiration to get off my duff and go drag out what few I have and get busy.

  12. Your fall decorating is so pretty and peaceful. I love your happy colors. Kathi


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