Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Softly Comes September

 Last night, while watering my wee vegetable garden, I looked around me and noticed subtle changes confirming the fact that the fall season was on it's way.  You see, it's at this time of year that I've had it with the heat and really had it with the humidity!  I'm just ready for the cooler air of autumn to blow on in.
We've had a very dry summer and it has led to drought conditions.
A recent local newscast informed that for now the farmers are reporting that their crops are okay.  However if the drought goes on much longer it could cause problems for them.  
In my own garden I'm still trying to keep it going with a nightly watering despite the sorry appearance of the yellowing foliage on the tomato plants and the nibbled on leaves of the pepper plants.
We're still enjoying the fresh tomatoes no matter how small the harvest and I want to make a few more batches of pesto before the frost hits.

 The limelight hydrangeas are still putting on an impressive show.
I rather liked how the dogwood leaves in the background are showing signs of the coming season.

These little signs of autumn had me wondering whether it would be a good year for acorns.
Looking up into the oak tree I was shocked to see branches of leaves completely decimated.  Most likely the work of some type of caterpillar.  Ugh!  Not what I was hoping to see and I didn't see many acorns either :(.

 The acorns may be in short supply here this year, but the beautyberries are looking plentiful and beautiful too.
I'm thinking a bouquet of limelights with a few of these mixed in might be nice for the table.

 I couldn't resist bringing a touch of autumn inside in the form of my coffee mug and yes that is a land line you're seeing in the background.  We still use them, do you?  My kids find it hard to believe.  Personally I prefer them when I'm at home.  It seems like the connection is usually more clear than when I talk on my cell phone.

A new month is upon us.
The older I get the less I want to rush through the seasons, however I wouldn't mind a bit if the sweltering heat of summer would zip on out of here.

Happy September Friends!



  1. Hi Kim. Looks pretty there. The changes are very subtle here too. It's still in the 90s everyday but the mornings are getting cooler. I'm seeing a little fading in the leaves although we don't get fall color here. It's exciting when the seasons change.

  2. We have a land line but we rarely listen to the messages. We should just get rid of it.
    Happy autumn. Acorns are so storybook. I want some.

  3. Like you Kim, I am ready for a change, we have had one of the hottest, and driest summers around here! In the mornings as I sit on the porch, I can see the leaves just beginning to turn, and that makes me happy!
    We use, and prefer a land line too, for the same reason!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. That's a pretty calendar page...

    Hope that your corner gets some gentle rains...

  5. We still have our land line and use it far more often than the cell.
    Our hot weather and drought finally ended and we have had more. Hope you get some soon!
    I've not heard of beauty berries but they sure live up to their name.

  6. I still have a landline, too. I think the hydrangeas and the berries would make a lovely indoor display. Oh, I have the same calendar!


  7. Those beautyberries are so richly colored. I never get over seeing them. They would be lovely mixed with the pale hydrangeas. Yes, autumn is close at hand. I wore a sweater all day today! I know things will likely warm up again, but for now, it's chilly! After months of dry weather we've been having lots of rain.

  8. I use my cell phone most of the time but do have a land line (it's part of a package deal I got with Charter) and also the apartment staff prefer that you have a land line (don't ask me why). Be sure to take a picture of those hydrangeas and beautyberries when you put them in a vase. It will be stunning.

  9. The beautyberries are so pretty.
    We didn't get any peppers this year. The blossoms would come and then just fall off.
    I'm making the eggplant tonight for supper. : )
    We just have cell phones, no land line at all. Don't have smart phones though either, just Tracfones.
    Summers are pretty cool here so I'm not quite ready for fall yet. We don't even have to use AC here.


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