Sunday, September 13, 2015

Peach Jammin'

 Every so often a day comes along that is so perfectly delightful I just want to bottle it up and preserve it for future enjoyment.
Today is one of those days. 
Nothing big or earth shattering going on, just a peaceful, ordinary day that began with a plan to make peach jam.
So, after exercising, showering and making the bed I began to set up for jam making.
Earlier this summer I was pleasantly surprised to receive this Sugared Peach candle from my sister.  It smells so good and seemed like a nice accompaniment to my peach jam session.
The other scent that I was enjoying was the fresh, crisp air blowing into the kitchen through my open windows.  Yes, really, open windows!!  This is hugely exciting to me as they have been sealed shut since May keeping the dreadful heat and humidity out.
Honestly feeling fresh air again is enough to make me giddy.
It's like the spring fever I remember experiencing every year when I lived in Michigan.  It makes me happy, energetic, invigorated and inspired.  

Every year since I've been blogging I marvel at so many of you who can and preserve the most beautiful bounty from your gardens or local farm stands.
Every year since I've been blogging I tell myself I've got to try my hand at some food preservation.  For whatever reason, it hasn't happened until today.  Today's the day :).
I got my "fit for the freezer" jars washed up and then let the fresh, fresh air go to work at drying them while I got ready to get the jam session underway.

 While waiting for the water to boil, I got a bowl of ice water ready.

 The blanching method for removing the peels works very well.
A quick dip in the boiling water...

followed by a quick plunge into the ice water

 those skins practically fell right off.
 In no time at all I had a pile of peaches...

 and a pile of pits.

 All chopped up and mingling with the sugar & lemon juice.
Soon it was time to add the pectin and fill up those jars.

 Before long those summer peaches were preserved and ready for the freezer.  
I may not be able to bottle up this lovely day, but I somehow think I might have preserved a little of it along with those peaches.


  1. I agree that there's nothing like fresh air blowing gently through the windows to give one energy! We're also having cool weather. Perfect September weather.
    Those are the most perfect peaches and the freezer jam looks delicious!!

  2. What a lovely day! Fresh air, peach scented air and jam for the future.

  3. Wow! How fun to see the process, Kim! You're going to have delicious toast this winter.

  4. Summer in a jar! They look amazing Kim and I bet it tastes amazing too.
    My back door is open this morning!!!!

  5. We are having one of those days today. : )
    Oh my those jam peach preserves sure do look good!!

  6. Kim you should be very proud of yourself!! You'll be enjoying your peach jam for months to come. :)

    Canning intimidates me so much but I sure would like to try it.

  7. You almost have me persuaded to make peach jam today! :) Enjoy!

  8. I have never, ever seen peaches and peach jam look as good as yours does! Kim, you have a very special way of making everything you do, look so attractive and so inspiring! For the first time that you tackled this project, you sure did an amazing job! And, to think you did it all, while burning a Yankee peach candle. I always leave here, blessed and inspired. Thank you so much!

  9. Your peach jam looks very yummy! You will surely be very happy to open up a bottle in mid winter.
    We are having that kind of weather here as well. Honestly, the nicest September in a very long time. I'm enjoying every minute of it.
    Take care

  10. Forgot to mention that I love your new header!


  11. Loved reading the joy in your words describing such a beautiful day. Would you believe today is the first day in a long time that our windows have been open? The air was glorious. Somehow, though, I was not inspired to can peach jam...more's the pity!

  12. First of all the header...I love that header! Secondly, I am so impressed with your major, first time accomplishment! I am sure that you could sell every jar of that peach jam, in no time at all! It is so beautifully done and illustrated. Congratulations my friend! I am so happy once again, that I stopped by here!
    Happy Wednesday!


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