Monday, August 31, 2015

Happier Pantry

The other day I was sorting through my magazines and came across this photo.  The entire pantry was decorated like this.  Mixing bowls held collections of cookie cutters, Mason jars held flour, cereal and grains.  Cookbooks were stacked and lined up on shelves.  I was struck by the overall cozy look.
I began to think of the old mixing bowls in my attic and a few rolling pins tucked in drawers.

When I see pantries like that I can't help but wonder where the canned goods are hiding.
Looking at my own pantry, I knew it wouldn't be practical to have all my shelves look that way.  On the other hand, I might be able to devote one tiny shelf for the cause.

 Now when I open the door this is the first thing I see...
or maybe this is the first thing I see:

I guess it doesn't really matter which one I see first.
I'm just happy to have that little burst of cozy pantry going on.
It kind of makes the time I stand in there wondering what to make for dinner a bit more pleasant. 

Speaking of that, what's for dinner at your house tonight?

I'm on my own tonight.
Sometimes that can be fun.  Like last night I had one hamburger bun and a dab of pesto left in the jar.  I sliced a chicken breast thinly, laid it on the bun and sprinkled some shredded mozzarella on top.  In the toaster oven it went until the cheese was melted and the bun was crisp.  At that point I spread the pesto on the bun and sliced a few heirloom tomatoes from the garden to put on top.
Tonight, however, is a different matter.  Here it is almost 6:00 and I have no clue what I'll eat.  Guess I'd better hop into the pantry for some inspiration.


  1. Such a pretty panty. I am hoping to redo my kitchen next year, that is the plan anyway, and will make sure I add a pretty shelf.
    I am on my own tonight too and have no idea what I am eating, right now it's looking like popcorn and yogurt, I ate all my soup at lunch.

  2. That's darling! Well done! Now, if I had a pantry, I'd be inspired, too. For supper? We had chicken, baked zucchini with olive oil and parmesan cheese, and new potatoes. I love this time of year with the fresh produce. Hope you find something filling and tasty.

  3. What a lovely pantry shelf. I don't have a pantry but if I did I'd like a shelf like that too. : )
    I just had a peanut butter bread for supper because we went out for lunch today. I had a breakfast for lunch, lemon and blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup.

  4. How cute! I love cozy so very much!
    I've been on my own, too. Bill's in Australia. I had a salad with some poached salmon. It was good, but now my stomach hurts.
    I'm looking forward to my coffee tomorrow morning.
    Your pesto sandwich sounds delicious, Kim!

  5. Cute way to make your pantry fun and cozy! I love it. Your "meals for one" sound super delicious. Have a good week!

  6. Your little pantry makeover makes a great difference. It's fun to see pretty corners throughout the house. Cooking for one can be difficult, but your meal sounds delicious!

  7. Ahhh, now that is a cozy shelf, Kim. I love your inspiration - the strawberry doily in the magazine shot is so pretty, but your delightful blue flower doily is most pretty matched with the beautiful bluebird canisters.. everything looks so soothing and comforting (you must be able to tell I need some soothing and comforting)! I am smiling at this moment with the joy of it. I know you must think I am gushing too much, but in truth, your precious little corner is a much needed healing guest for my depleted soul.

    Well, I am moved in and will post about it soon. But I will let you know in advance that I'm calling my newly acquired apartment, "Bluebird Cottage" - it is a stepping stone to new beginnings for my life.

    Thank you for sharing yourself, my friend...and many blessings to you.

    Marianne xo

  8. P.S. I don't have a pantry, Kim, but you've given me a wonderful idea for one of my white bookshelves. :) <3

    Thanks again,

  9. Looks beautiful. You have done a great work...

  10. Decorating a cute little spot in your pantry is a fun idea. We have a big EAT sign in ours and it makes me smile. :)


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