Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy Pantry

 Picking and choosing from the drawers and baskets, I selected a collection of favorite vintage linens.  I was leaning towards a cheerful combination of colors to greet me each time I opened the pantry door.

 Through the years I have collected vintage aprons and potholders, although they are rarely used for their intended purposes.
Once in a while I will don an apron, but for the most part they have been behind closed doors.  From time to time I bring them out to appreciate their simple beauty.  
It was high time to bring some of them out of hiding.
At one time somebody spent a lot of time stitching them together.

 This one is child-size.
I could just imagine a little girl wearing this one in my blue and yellow kitchen :).  Maybe someday there will be a granddaughter.
Although, the apron does feature a Dutch boy and girl.  Wonder if Jaxson's parents would allow him to help me bake?... nah, probably not.

 Oh well, at any rate I'm happy to have a new home for a few of these treasures.  
 The rolling pin seemed like an appropriate hanger for a collection of kitchen linens.  A blue and yellow rolling pin seemed destined for my blue and yellow kitchen.


  1. Your vintage linens are just beautiful Kim and I love your rolling pin hanger!

  2. Very cheerful display! I heartily approve!

  3. What a great idea for displaying your vintage linens. They are so pretty. I love the rolling pin too. I have a collection of them.

  4. I love the pretty fabric used in the old aprons. I have collected a few too and need to find a way to display and enjoy them. You have such great ideas! Love the rolling pin! Hugs, Diane

  5. Love your vintagy aprons. I love to just look at them too. I love your display.

  6. You inspired me to hang some pretty potholders in my kitchen. I like all your ideas and when I have time I intend to read some of your past blog entries.

  7. Kim, your potholders and treasures look perfect hanging up to cheer you each time you peek into the pantry. I love the idea, and I do so love vintage potholders and aprons. I agree the rolling pin makes a perfect display for them. A bright and cheery kitchen is such a blessing.

    May you delight in the day, and may the day delight in you.

    Marianne xox

  8. What a great way to display your vintage kitchen linens. Those potholders are so pretty and intricate that I can't imagine anyone actually using them!

  9. Love those crocheted potholders!

  10. You certainly had a lovely collection of kitchen linens. Old things, good things, things that make us happy.

  11. This is so like you! You open drawers, you travel to your attic, and you visit vintage markets, and look what you find. Then, you hang them, so attractively on an old blue rolling pin and it looks like a magazine photo! Yep, that is one of your many gifts, and I am the fortunate one who gets all the free ideas and inspiration here. Once again, you blessed me by posting in the blogging world. Thank you! Great idea!


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