Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fresh Start

After that last somewhat smelly post, I thought it was time to freshen things up around here.

  So, today I offer a few photos from our pre-Christmas getaway to  Lake Junaluska.  More specifically our four mile walk around the lake.
The swans, ducks and geese were in abundance that day.
The thing I love about this walk is that the lake is in view the entire time.  There's also interesting houses to check out along the way.
Like this one up on a hill.  I imagine they have some awesome lake views from their vantage point.

 This one was also pretty high up there.
I couldn't resist a photo of a yellow house with blue shutters, even though much of it is obscured by the embankment.
Brett kept telling me to move to the right where I'd likely get a better shot.  I was trying not to be too obvious in case the homeowners were currently enjoying their lovely views.

~ Gliding into the new year ~

Thank you all for your input on my smelly kitchen mystery.
Seems I'm not the only one who has dealt with this problem.
Since that post I tried several things I learned from Bob Vila online.  I ran ice cubes and kosher salt through the disposal, scrubbed the rubber gasket inside and out with a toothbrush and ran the disposal with lemon peels in it.  In the morning it seemed somewhat fresher in the kitchen.  Today Brett disconnected the various connections under the sink and drained and cleaned them.  Now we are hoping the odor will be totally gone.  Time will tell.
Because we have had this problem at times in the past, I don't think it is a mouse.  Also, we have a yearly contract with a pest control company which includes mouse traps in the attics.  If, however, the problem persists or gets worse I will look into that possibility. 
 Keeping my fingers crossed that that won't be the case :).

Hope your New Year is off to a fresh start.


  1. I sure hope that all those things you've done solve the smelly problem. As for my smelly sink, today after I ran the dishwasher awful sewer smell was coming from the sink drains again. All I can do is use Javex it seems. I've tried everything else.

  2. Beautiful scenery on your drive to the getaway. Sure hope the smelly problem is solved.

  3. That's a pretty little lakeside community. Of course, you'd be drawn to a yellow home with blue shutters. I can't see yellow and blue without thinking of you! Keeping fingers crossed that, after all your efforts, the smell is gone!

  4. Looks like a lovely place. Glad to hear that you are making progress on the smell under your sink. Enjoy the coming week.

  5. Beautiful photos, Kim. The houses where I grew up in New Jersey were situated on hills like this, so it brought back some fond memories.

    The good thing about all the input on your last post is that you have some remedies to fall back on for any other (hopefully not)smelly situations that may arise.

    Blessings for a sweet fragrance day,

    Marianne xox

  6. Such a beautiful place to walk. The homes are beautiful, We have driven past Lake Junaluska but never been close enough really to visit. We have been to Waynesville to the apple festival and different places up that way.

  7. Your walking spot is beautiful! I'd love to have views like that.

    Those stinky smells are a mystery. I hope you feel better when I tell you that 3 or 4 year ago I did a similar post and got similar answers. :)


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