Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow, Sunshine and a Bit of Sparkle

For some reason this year I wasn't quite ready to put away all of the Christmas decorations when the holiday was over.  Perhaps it was because it was so warm on Christmas Day and the snow scenes didn't quite look right as the air conditioning was blaring away.
Whatever the reason, I'm now glad I decided to keep a few of the snowflakes and snowmen out for awhile. 

 Our recent snow event didn't yield near the quantity that many of you are dealing with, but it was just enough to make those Christmas holdouts look right at home.

When I opened the blinds this morning the sun was shining brightly causing the fallen snow and waterfall to sparkle.

 Indoors the sun was creating pretty sparkles and shadows along the mantle.

Since Christmas the mantle has been totally bare.
As the snowflakes were falling I rummaged through my cupboards and attic for a few things to add a snowy/sparkly touch. 

Another spot that had been bare since Christmas was the kitchen table.  Each day I would think I really need to find something for the center of the table, yet motivation seemed to be lagging.
Apparently the clear blue skies and the white sparkly snow were all the motivation I needed to rummage together a wintry centerpiece.

I've probably had these snowmen candles for close to 20 years.  I just can't bring myself to burn them.  It would be like torching a dear friend.  Ha!!
The sun hitting the glass candlestick reminds me of frosty icicles.
 A bit more sparkle on the glittered pine cones.
Nice in sunlight and candlelight too.

I'm thinking of all of you who are dealing with huge amounts of snow now and hoping that you are staying safe and warm.


  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  2. You finally get some snow! Nice that you hadn't put all wintery things away yet. I love the sparkly pine cones.

  3. So fun to see the beautiful snow way down there. Your indoor decor is a lovely match for what's going on beyond the door. Is your little grandson enjoying the snow?

    1. No, unfortunately he currently has strep throat and an ear infection :(

  4. Oh what lovely beautiful photos of your winter.
    Hope Jaxson is feeling better soon.

  5. Such clear crisp looking photos, Kim... thank you for sharing these winter lovelies. It's been like spring here almost all winter.

    I never think it's necessary to pack away the snowmen or other wintery decorations after the holidays. They can remain all the way to February. It keeps the presence of winter fun long after Christmas is over.

    Blessings for a beautiful day,
    Marianne xox

  6. I love your snowy touches. That candle is so cute, I would never burn it, either.

  7. What a lovely January post...all shimmery in white and blue and with a dusting of snow!

  8. How cute, Kim! I love your winter displays! They are elegant and tasteful. We have snow coming.

  9. I love your beautiful decorations and winter photography. The blue cones are lovely. Enjoy your Monday! Kathi


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