Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Puttering with Plants

Wednesday is plant watering day around here.
I find a weekly visit with the watering can seems to do the trick with my houseplants.  I chose Wednesday as it starts with W ... just like water.  Makes it easy to remember which day I did this task last week.  Kind of like how I give Peanut her heartworm pill on the 10th of the month because that is the day of the month that my sons and grandson were born on.  At this stage of life, it helps to do these little association tricks.  At least for me it does.  How about you?

Normally by this time of year my one and only geranium would be taking up residence in the garage or be relegated to the compost heap.  This year it was so mild right through Christmastime, that I left it on the front porch where it continued to put out smallish red blooms.   Now that we are getting some colder weather I decided to bring it in and since it was loaded with buds it bypassed the garage and is being moved into my bedroom where we can enjoy watching those buds open.

It should feel right at home in there near my Meyer Lemon Tree which is also hanging out indoors next to the window.  This is the second year I've moved the lemon tree inside.  It dropped about half of it's leaves last month, which is normal.  Now it seems to have leveled off and is doing quite well.  I try to remember to mist it with water periodically too.

I noticed today that it is putting out some buds.
I look forward to seeing whether they will eventually turn into lemons.
I have yet to grow a lemon on this tree and I'm not quite sure why.
In the spring I move it back to the patio where I make sure it receives adequate water and fertilizer throughout the spring and summer.  Last spring it was covered in blossoms and I was envisioning a large lemon crop.  Before the lemons formed a storm blew all the blossoms off and that was the end of that.  My next plan is to look for fertilizer specifically for citrus trees.
Have any of you had any success with the potted lemon trees? 

The sun shines nicely in our bedroom which makes me and the plants happy.
The amaryllis bulb my sister sent for Christmas has doubled in size since I moved it from the mantle to the bedroom table.

 The plump bud is just popping out of the "earth".
The landscape outside may be a bit dormant, but in here signs of life are popping out all over.  A hopeful sign as I sit here in my sweater sipping a warming cup of tea. 


  1. Hello, Kim...I enjoy your sweet angel with her watering can. Those vintages lovelies always make me smile. Your plants look wonderful and loved. It's nice they are getting special treatment from you and giving you enjoyment during the colder months.


    Marianne xo

  2. Monday is plant watering day for me.It's also laundry day. I agree with you, that it's just easier to have a regular schedule to do things or they get forgotten!
    Your lemon tree looks healthy. I wonder why it won't set fruit?

  3. You're so lucky you have space indoors to save your plants from the cold weather!
    Have a good day!

  4. Nice to see all your plants around your lovely home.
    Having a good time. : )

  5. Your house plants are so pretty. I used to love house plants and had them at every window. Then we build the log cabin in 1989 in the middle of the woods, and somehow house plants looked out of place. Just lately, I have been wanting to grow plants inside again. I just may do that!

  6. Is that green grass in your yard? Do you clip your geraniums right back after blooming? I have never had a lemon tree very pretty so have zero idea of how to best care for them. Hope that you have a lemon or two this time.

    1. Yes, our grass is still very green. I think we have the unseasonably warm weather to thank for that. As for the geranium, I pinch off the blossoms after they are done blooming and also pinch off yellow leaves. I don't cut it back, though. This is the first time I've brought one in the house to overwinter. Should be interesting.

  7. Plants add so much to a home. I like the idea of Watering on Wednesday! I'm afraid I'm rather sporadic with watering.
    Our Meyer lemon tree is outside, covered up for the winter. We get lots of lemons from it, and I hope you get some from yours this year.

  8. Repotting my houseplants is on my "to do" list, soon! I have always wanted to have a lemon tree, but have never been brave enough to grow one!
    I like the idea of watering on Wednesday, I think I might try this, as i do forget to water mine! N.C> has indeed hd a very warm winter so far, but the weatherman says it's going to change this week!
    Have a great week,.


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