Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Morning Mini Bouquet

 I spent a few hours on Saturday weeding my garden.
Everything is growing like crazy now including the weeds.
Perhaps I should say especially the weeds!  They always seem to thrive.
While working out there I noticed the first buds on my roses.
These are the Knock Out variety.  In my garden they put on their best show in the spring and then again in the late fall.  I think they are getting too much shade in the summer.  Either way, I love them for the fact that they require so little care compared to tea roses.  I do have one tea rose which is also full of buds.  I can hardly wait for them to bloom.  They require a bit more care, but the fragrance is so nice that I am willing to pamper them a little more.

Being that it's Monday I thought we all could use a little bouquet to start the week off on the right foot.  So, I tiptoed out to the garden this morning and snipped a few to share with you.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

Happy Monday!


  1. Kim your bouquet is so pretty! Our Knockouts are just about to bloom. They are covered in buds right now. :)

  2. Such a pretty bouquet. I love roses---but it is the one plant I have been unable to grow.

  3. That'll put a grin on faces! Very cheerful. Interesting about the shade and your knock-out roses. I'm sure that is what the problem is with mine, too.

  4. thanks for the bouquet of roses. I needed that this Monday morning.

  5. Hi Kim,Thank you so much for the bouquet, knock out roses are my favorite, and they are indeed so easy to care for!Mine are still in the budding stages! Have a great week, so nice to stop by this morning!

  6. I love the Knockouts but am so angry as I seem to have a vole problem again! Yesterday when I noticed my largest Knockout rose was looking very sad, I went to check it and the entire plant came out of the ground with all roots eaten, grrrrr! Also lost a large clump of bluebells - voles, or even something even bigger when I saw the huge hole, who knows? Will buy a replacement rose later after tomorrow's cold spell with possible below freezing at night!

    My azaleas are really wonderful this Spring - guess no garden is ever perfect. Win some, lose some, and just keep planting!

    Happy week Kim.

  7. I'm looking forward to when the gardens here start growing.
    I have a bunch of knock out roses too but they are far from blooming. Once they start they bloom all summer long here.
    Your roses are beautiful.

  8. Oh how lovely to have rosebuds already! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  9. Your pretty little bouquet is perfect. Have a great week.

  10. Oh Kim your roses are so pretty and look good in your vase. Wish our flowers grew as fast as the weeds. LOL.

    Stop by and see my roses in bloom. They are so pretty this year.

    Have a wonderful week.


  11. Hi Kim. Beautiful as always. I would love to feature your blog on my Shout Out Saturday post on favorite gardening blogs this week. Would that be okay? I will be using one of your photos but linking back to your blog with it.

  12. Such pretty roses - we still have a couple of months before ours bloom, so it's nice to see yours. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to snip flowers from one's own yard for the house?

  13. What a sweet bouget. I came over from another blog where you commented. I liked your
    blog name. It was nice to meet you. Come over and say hi.

  14. I am enjoying looking at all your roses. Some of my rose bushes had spots on the leaves, so I had to clip off the leaves and even prune the branches. So, I have no idea when they will bloom for me again. The roses were still pretty, but the leaves weren't doing well. I have to start all over again. :(



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