Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Happens in the Attic

 Our house has two walk in attics.
On one hand that's great for storing all of the things a family tends to collect through the years.  On the other hand it's not so great for the very same reason.
I've learned that after 34 years of marriage a family can collect an awful lot (especially one member).  Having these nice attic spaces provides a great place to store these collections until it soon becomes an "outta sight, outta mind" situation.    Uh-Oh!!  Sooner or later it hits you that you have way more stuff than you can possibly need or ever use.

Years ago Brett put two sets of wire shelves in there to try to make some sense of the clutter collections.  Recently I went into the attic and declared it a disaster.  I should have thought to take a picture, but this is embarrassing enough.  Instead, you are seeing the "after" pictures.  I've corralled like items together.  Now if I need a basket I know right where to find it.  Same goes for fake plants, candle holders and even fake lemons/limes.

 Turning the other way I can easily access all of those vintage treasures that circulate through the vignettes I enjoy creating throughout the year.

Most of these treasures have come from thrift shops or rummage sales.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will, no doubt, recognize many of these "treasures".

You would probably be amazed to know that I have just purged a great deal of my vintage treasures.  I'm finding that at this stage of life it is getting to be more work than pleasure to constantly be changing little vignettes throughout the house. My trips to the thrift stores now are mostly to make donations.  If I want to "shop" for a treasure, I'll head for the attic.  
This cleaning spree in my attic was a big job and gave me lots of time to think.  While I know I'll always love the sweet vintage pieces, I also know that we are heading for the downsizing years of life. 

Once order was restored to the attic, I felt a little reward was in order.  These vintage baby items I have found through the years became a new "vignette" right when you open the attic door.  My boys laugh at the stuff I find adorable and my one and only grandson is far more interested in Hot Wheels than ancient baby stuff.  So, this sentimental grandma will retreat to the attic occasionally to get her fill of precious treasures from days gone by.
Anybody want to come and join me?


  1. What would life be without collections and treasures.
    We pared down when hubby retired. Sold most everything and hit the road. Now, 9 years later, oops--the house is full again. Maybe it's time to move again? HA!
    You have some nice things. It would be hard to part with them.

  2. I get it, Kim! I've always loved old doll furniture, too. Way to go, doing all that organizing.

  3. Is it wrong to pray that you have a grandgirlie one day? Don't return the favor, though. My daughter-in-law would kill me! =D

    Love this organization! And, yes, I do remember seeing many of these items. I have been secretly dreaming of a larger china cupboard, perhaps a hutch because I am running out of room, There's a basement, but no attic.

  4. I m impressed my attic really needs some serious organizing of mostly my stuff/ junk!

  5. If these precious dolls are at the top of the know I'll join you! I'll stop there to play though while you work! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  6. I have never lived in a house that had an attic (or a basement). I'll bet it's fun to go up there now and then and look through forgotten treasures. You have everything so neatly stored.

  7. I'd love to join you and look at all your collectibles. Looks so nice and organized. You could open up your own shop. : )
    In answer to your question. No special occasion for the denim skirt. Just want a nice comfortable one to wear to church.

  8. I'd love to come see your newly organized attic and I'd enjoy your vintage baby items. After all, I'm the one with 30 or more teddy bears!!

  9. I understand completely. I don't have an attic or basement, but I have stuffed every closet with tons of my treasures.

    When my son was down for Xmas he said I can have a dumpster here next week. I said NO I promise I will work on it. The guest bedroom closet is empty (I am so proud of myself) and I am slowly working on the rest of the house. The big job will be getting rid of my dishes and clearing out the garage.

    Your attic looks very organized and by item. You must feel really good at what you have accomplished.

    Have a great week.

  10. It's always a balance to know what to keep and what to get rid of. Your attic storage space is so well organized - it would be like shopping to wander through and choose something. Love the little dolls.


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