Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flag Day in the USA

A few (almost) summer shots for you today.
After hanging my flag this morning I took a little walk around the yard to see what's new.
My oldest hydrangeas are hard to see from the house.
The shrubs have grown so tall in front of them and shaded most of them completely.  I had just about given up on them.  So, it came as a surprise to see them blooming like crazy.  Another surprise was that the all blue shrubs are now sporting some pink blooms.  Blue and pink sitting side by side.  So pretty!
Not far from the hydrangeas the magnolias were also doing their thing.  Always worthy of a photo or two.
I think each phase of the magnolia flower is beautiful.
Above you can see the bud, flower and seed head.  Soon it will turn into an interesting looking pod.  The leaves on this plant are also beautiful.  Sturdy and shiny.  Oh, and did I mention the scent of the flowers?  Heavenly.

Speaking of heavenly scents...
I had always heard that gardenias provided just such a scent.
On the plant they seem to go from white to yellow in no time so I was curious as to how people have any luck using them as cut flowers.
Last week I cut a little bouquet and placed it next to my reading chair.  The stems are woody which usually equates with a short vase life.  I must say they didn't last more than a few days, but the scent was divine.  I think I would describe it as a slightly sweet, clean scent.  Kind of like the way I would like to smell in the summer :).
I don't know how I start a post about Flag Day and end with talking about scents.  Doesn't make a whole lotta sense (sorry, couldn't resist).  As long as I'm off track, I'll keep going in this direction.
Yesterday I visited the nearest department store on the hunt for a new summer scent.  It's been a few years since I bought perfume.
Estee Lauder had the gift with purchase going on so I headed to that counter.  As I sprayed the different choices, each smelled almost the same and most seemed to be predominantly the alcohol part of the equation as opposed to the scent.  Wondering whether my sense of smell was going wonky along with so many other body functions at this stage of life, I left empty handed.
As I went about my day and kept sniffing my wrists, I could detect the proper perfume scents.  Can't say I've ever had to wait that long to see what a perfume is going to smell like.  Makes it kind of hard to make a purchase.
I'm looking for a slightly sweet floral type of scent.  One that is not heavy or over-powering yet has staying power.
Would anybody care to talk some scents into me with me?
Do you have any that you especially like?


  1. I like Estee Lauder's White Linen, but I also use Bath and Body's Green Tea fragrance and an oil (not sure the maker) called Egyptian Goddess. Hope that you find one perfect for you! It'll be the one your husband likes. 🙂

  2. The blooms are beautiful.
    I have never used perfume. Ken doesn't like it and it makes him sneeze.
    My mom used to wear L'Aimant by Coty all the time and I have always liked that scent

  3. I don't use any perfume either. So many people are now adversely affected by scent. I do have Lavender scented bags filled with potpourri that I keep in my drawers so my clothes have a faint scent but that's about all I do.
    Your Magnolia is absolutely lovely, even the leaves!! That seed head would be perfect to put in a potpourri bowl once it has dried.

  4. Such pretty flowers! I like lilac and lavender.

  5. I love your Hydrangeas and Magnolias! Such a treat to see when we vacation. Neither one grows in our area. We have pretty Hydrangeas, but the blue and pink ones just don't make it here. :( The older I've gotten I can't even wear perfume. For some reason them and heavy scented lotions burn my eyes.

  6. I agree with you...Magnolias are beautiful during all their stages. And they make such a beautiful bouquet. I use Aromatherapy scents from Bath and Body now when I bathe...and love Lavender Vanilla best. When I use perfume, I wear Shalimar. My Dad always said I smelled like a 'Nilla Wafer! heehee! Happy Flag Day! Hugs!

  7. Tonight's visit here, was just as I hoped it would be. It is so good to visit you again, and to find the same beauty and colorful photos that you have been known for years to share. Thank you so much for continuing to blog! It feels like coming home. Oh, and by the way, I had to smile as I read your perfume journey. I must tell you, that I found myself on much the same journey many times over the years. Actually, still on it:).

  8. Your flag is beautiful hanging there! Our gardenia bushes were driving me crazy. One year covered in beautiful white flowers and the entire yard smelled sweet. Then cold weather nearly killed them. We cut them back to the ground, but finally they came back pretty and bloomed again...only for the cold weather to damage them again. They stayed brown more than they stayed green. I now have three pots of gardenias and one is blooming. I will move them to the greenhouse for the winter.

  9. Your photos are so pretty...and I'm surprised to see a blue and pink hydrangea next to each other since the color of the flowers is due to the soil! I can't help you with perfume...I don't wear it because of allergies. Makes my head hurt and I sneeze a lot. I can wear light natural body sprays though. I have one that's a patchouli orange and another that's rose.


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