Thursday, June 22, 2017

Solving a Pesky Little Decorating Dilemma

Sometimes when it's too hot or rainy to be outside, a little indoor puttering is what I find enjoyable.
Some areas seem to go together with ease, while others never seem to look quite right no matter what I do.
The sideboard in the dining room is just such an area.
I think it's tricky to have it look nice without being too cluttered.
The other day I was working on this little project.
The dining room table was covered in items I was adding and quickly subtracting from the composition.
The amount of time I was devoting to this one little area was frankly getting a bit ridiculous.
About then I decided to take a break from the whole thing and sat down to check e-mails.
I was intrigued by an offer I had received and went to check out their website.

The offer had come from
I was amazed by the large variety of artificial plant materials they have available.  Beautiful things for the indoors as well as outdoors.
I found it interesting that they even offer boxwood hedges of the artificial variety.  As much as I like boxwood, I don't care for their scent.
Since I wasn't looking for outdoor plants at this time and my sideboard project was on my mind, I decided to see what they offered that might work for me.
It didn't take long for me to settle on something
and in no time the two big boxes arrived on my doorstep.
The plants inside were well protected with bubble wrap and strapped in place.  No chance of them being damaged in transit.

The plants that I selected are called boxwood domes.
I love the shape and, best of all, no boxwood scent :).
The urn is made of a lightweight resin material. 
I think they could work well in many spots around the house.
In this case, the sideboard project.

I leaned toward symmetry with this arrangement, so receiving two of these plants worked out perfectly.

Two urns
Two lamps
& now
Two boxwood domes.
Add in a few things collected from around the house and I was finally happy with the sideboard.
I am now thinking the lamps and boxwood domes will be fixtures.
Changing out the little accessories from time to time will work to keep up with the seasons.  Maybe a few gourds added in for autumn, eggs and a bunny or two for spring and a Christmas platter and a few ornaments for Christmastime. 
It will be nice to not have to re-create the entire sideboard every time the seasons change.

**The product shown was provided to me for the purpose of this review.  Photos and opinions provided by me**
Thank you, Commercial Silk, for this generous offer.

If you are in the market for artificial plant material of any kind, you may want to check them out.  I am very happy with the quality of the product that I received.


  1. It looks great! Now that was an offer you couldn't refuse. I have had similar difficulties with the jelly cupboard in the kitchen. I see so many wonderful vignettes on Pinterest or in blogs, but it seems beyond my ability to achieve.

  2. It turned out great. Job well done.

  3. Those urns with boxwood in them are perfect for your sideboard and keeping them there and changing a few things around according to the seasons is a great idea!!

  4. Those are great-looking urns with boxwood. I can see them being used in lots of places!

  5. I have a hard time decorating large, flat surfaces such as sideboards, too. These artificial plants are really pretty and look perfect with your tall lamps. Nice balance!


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