Sunday, November 4, 2018

Outdoors in November


Delightful weather and beautiful fall foliage seem to beckon one out for a walk.  The time is right to enjoy the outdoors before the leaves have all fallen.  
Recent days have found me heading down the trail behind our house.
Now that I know there won't be many more walks here, I am seeing things in a new light.

 The fall color show is in full swing around here, although some of the trees are beginning to drop their leaves.

 A bit of red.
 This is the tree right across the street from us.
Each morning the sun illuminates it making this autumn beauty even more stunning.  When I look out the dining room window, it is the sight that greets me first thing.  A wonderful way to start the day.  

Something else that got my attention this week.
One last large clematis blossom greeting me every time I went to the mailbox.  Each day I expected it to be gone, yet there it was.
In a strange way I felt like parting is going to be sweet sorrow for both of us. :)  Maybe you have to be a gardener to appreciate that thought or maybe I'm just a bit strange :D.

This photo from last spring might do a better job of showing just why she will be missed.  I planted her years ago and with very little care since then she put on a spectacular spring show every year.
Through the years many people in the neighborhood have commented on how beautiful she is.  Last year we even had a tall teenage boy stop, take out his earbuds and tell us how it makes him happy when he walks by and sees it in bloom.  Wow!
So, while I will miss her, I'm happy to think that others will continue to enjoy and appreciate her.


  1. Beautiful tree colour and beautiful Clematis!! It looks like you're still enjoying fair weather. Take those walks while you still can. Have a great week.

  2. It’s lovely there! And oh that clematis! I hope that you will plant another at your new home. Changing residences has lots of little sorrows and many joys as well. Exciting times for you!

  3. A move always brings emotions...good and sad! I know you are excited to be in your new place though! The Clematis is a show stopper for sure! They always do so well in NC!

  4. Looks like a great path to walk along.
    Wow that clematis is gorgeous. You'll have to take a clipping of it and plant it at your new home.

  5. That's a stunning clematis! I can see why you will miss it. Moving is a loss as well as a gain.

  6. Some of the yellow maples are still hanging in there in my neck of the woods, but otherwise, all the trees are bare already. I have the same clematis in my yard, which is a showstopper in the spring and summer.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous! I want one. I hope the moving goes well. I love the new house smell.


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