Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Kitchen Fun and Porch Sprucing

While strolling through the local thrift shop I paused to take a closer look at this print.  It was sporting a brown wood frame which didn't suit it.  However, looking past that it offered a lot of interesting elements.  Hello aqua Mason jar, little wren in the chef's hat, vintage recipe card and dragonfly perched on the aqua eggs.
The $3.00 price tag kind of sealed the deal.
Once home the first order of business was releasing it from that horrid frame.
I propped it up on my kitchen counter and rather liked the way the subway tile in the print and in my kitchen blended together so well.
Thinking it needed something more to fill the space on the counter, I went searching in cupboards and drawers.
An aqua Mason jar and this bee skep candle looked like promising subjects.

A few more treasured pieces and a hydrangea from the garden were all that was needed.
Now when washing dishes and peeling carrots my eyes will rest on this happy vignette.  
Not bad for 3 bucks and a scavenger hunt through the house.

The sweet whimsical details on this print made me curious to know a bit more about the artist.  After taking a picture of her signature and enlarging it I was able to make out the name.  Katie Crawford.  Thanks to the wonder of the internet I was led 
here.  A delightful spot to peek around in.

In other news, we got the flag hung.

The porch furniture has been scrubbed (finally).  Lots of dirt in the air with all of these new houses going up.
The bunting is hung and we are ready for another Independence Day in the USA.
If you will be celebrating, enjoy!



  1. I love that print. And your porch looks very pretty and inviting!

  2. That print is perfect and your vignette makes it come to life. I visited the artist’s blog and enjoyed snooping around. Her little creatures are adorable. The porch is ready just in time for some serious rocking on the porch. Happy 4th of July!

  3. What a lovely print and how creative you were with it. It looks perfect!!
    I'm going to go check out the link.

  4. I love how you set the print against the subway tiles and made a great little vignette with odds and ends that you already had!!

  5. That print was a nice find! The price was right too. The bunting looks great. Have a happy 4th!

  6. I hope you had a good July 4th celebration. I love your new print-perfect for your kitchen counter! I always like to look at something I love when working in the kitchen.
    Your porch is very inviting. I'm not surprised you already have some hydrangeas. Can I say how jealous I am - oh I think I've already told you that :-)
    Have a great weekend Kim. Hope all is well

  7. What a sweet print, and what a great vignette you created. That hydrangea looks almost red - such a beautiful intense colour!


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