Saturday, July 20, 2019

Six Minutes

In the span of about six minutes I took a morning walk through the garden.
Marveling at what lay before my eyes, I couldn't help but wonder...
have the blades of grass always been this sharp?
The river rock so subtly shaded?

And those coneflowers...
Just how long have they been such a bright vibrant shade of purplish pink?

Closing my right eye while looking at the butterfly I can appreciate it's beauty and it's gracefulness as it floats from flower to flower.
I take note of it's pretty colors while straining and squinting as I try to bring them into focus.  Very much like when I try to read a book or work on the computer.  For far too long no amount of squinting and no pair of glasses could bring things into focus.
On this morning's walk  I played my favorite new game.
Right Eye - Left Eye
After seeing what I described above through my left eye, I closed it and viewed the butterfly through my right eye.
I wasn't sure if I should start singing I  Can See Clearly Now... or
Everything is Beautiful.
The bright colors and the sharp, crisp, clear details are simply amazing to me.
Through my left eye things have a blurry yellow filter.
Through the right things are bright and white and clear as a bell.

If you haven't guessed by now, I had cataract surgery this week.
There I am sans make-up post surgery.
Pirate for a day :).
Thirteen years ago I was told I had cataracts.
I went for a second opinion as I thought I was too young for that.
Nope, apparently not.
Through the years they have gotten progressively worse.
As the doctor said, "you have some pretty significant cataracts there".  Oh joy!
When we began discussing what to do about it, he told me it is a six minute surgery.  
Having now been through the first surgery I can see that he was right.  A quick and painless solution to a problem that was affecting daily life in a big way.  Even though I knew I was struggling to bring things into focus, I am amazed by how much I've been missing.
The left eye will be done in two weeks.  I'm kind of glad they weren't both done at the same time.  It gives me more time to play Right Eye - Left Eye which in turn gives me more time to appreciate my renewed sense of sight.  Something I hope to never take for granted.
Six minutes seems so little in the scope of a day, yet this experience has me rethinking the accomplishments that can me made in such a short timespan.


  1. OH, wow! How amazing that a quick surgery can give you so much? It's just incredible what is possible these days.

  2. You look beautiful! I'm so happy for you. No wonder that was such a special walk in the garden. My sister recently had the surgery too.

  3. That's wonderful that having the one cataract removed has made such a difference and no doubt once the second one is done You'll see perfectly. I was not as fortunate when I had both eyes done this last year. It has made very little difference to my eyesight.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you weren't helped by the surgery, Granny Marigold.

  4. That's wonderful Kim knowing your vision has been corrected so easily - good luck with the second surgery also.
    I had my annual vision check this past week - fortunately no problems other than requiring allergy drops for itchiness lately. I don't require distance glasses but continue to need readers for close up - I'd be lost without them! Speaking of 'lost', I now have a pair in just about every room BUT somehow they move around and I can never find them when I need them!!!!!

  5. Oh wow what a blessing for you to be able to see all those bright colors again.
    Good eyesight is something many people take for granted.

  6. That is so great that you can see all those pretty flowers!☺

  7. Wonderful descriptions of your game, Kim! So glad that you are seeing things bright and clear and that your left eye will catch up soon. It’s pretty exciting!


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