Thursday, June 30, 2022

Shy Sunflowers & The Giveaway Winner

Not long after the deer knocked the bird feeder over, all that bird seed began to sprout.  In time, most of it got pulled out.  A few sprouts that I recognized as sunflowers got to stay.
I have been watching them grow and eagerly anticipating that first bloom.
This week I was rewarded with a wonderful view of the back of the bloom.  Not quite what I was hoping to see from my chair on the patio.

Now, that's more like it.
I thought I had heard that sunflower blooms always face the sun.
If that's true, I need to pay closer attention as this one seems to like to keep it's back to us all day long.  Perhaps it prefers to look at the woods.  Either way, for something that I never planted, it sure is a beauty.  I look forward to more joining it.  Even if they are in funny spots among the azaleas.

Moving along. . .
A few weeks ago I held a little giveaway.
Today is the day I'm choosing the winner.

In honor of our upcoming patriotic holiday, I put the names in my star spangled bowl.

And the winner is . . .

Drum Roll Please . . .

Congratulations, Lorrie.  Please email me with your address and I will send the book your way.
Thank you to all who entered.



  1. It's not a very friendly flower, though certainly very cheerful. You've had deer troubles, too? I have finally netted my roses because otherwise I'd never see a bloom. Yay for Lorrie! She will certainly enjoy her win.

  2. Lucky Lorrie!
    The sunflowers I've had always faced the sun. They say there is one in every crowd that goes their own way, your sunflower must be the one. :)

  3. Strange that your sunflower faces away from the sun. In any case, it's pretty. Are you all ready for Monday's celebration? I'm all set for tomorrow, in fact right now my DH is looking where the extra lawn chairs have gone and how much washing will be needed. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. How surprised I was to see my name as the winner! Thank you! I'll email you after I comment here. Volunteer flowers, even shy ones like your sunflower, are always a delight in the garden.

  5. How beautiful! I love sunflowers. I think your sunflower is stunning, if a bit shy! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a pretty sunflower. Funny how it turns it's back to you. I like Happyone's comment. Sunflowers are so pretty and cheerful whichever way they face. I have a huge one that volunteered and came up in the's huge! I'm beginning to wonder if will ever bloom or just keep growing.

  7. Too funny that your sunflower isn't facing the sun. Rebel sunflower?! I must've missed your giveaway because I don't recall reading about it. Congrats to Lorrie!


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