Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Mother's Day Flowers and Charm Bracelets

Outside our bedroom window this morning things are looking a bit soggy.  The downspout has created a raging river at times next to the rosebushes.  The rain is a welcome sight after our rather dry month of April.

While things are a bit dark and drippy outside, this beautiful bouquet of flowers near the kitchen sink are brightening things up inside.  A thoughtful gift from my son for Mother's Day.

Another bouquet from Brett.
Bringing beauty to the dining table.
So nice the be remembered with flowers, cards and phone calls on Mother's Day.
I do hope you, too, had a nice Mother's Day.

A few days before Mother's Day I received a surprise in the mail.
My sister sent me my Mom's charm bracelet.  I suppose I had seen it as a child, although I scarcely remembered it.  As I looked at each charm, it seemed as though the story of her life unfolded before me.  Engraved charms depicting each of her children, tiny baby shoes and a tiny baby carriage which were most likely gifts when her babies were born.  A telephone and victrola ... perhaps from her days before marriage and children?  The tiny warplane... did my Dad bring it from his time in World War 2?  If my Mom were still here, I would be asking those questions.  So often at this stage of my life I wish I would have been more curious about my parents and grandparents younger years.
Either way, this charm bracelet was a little glimpse into my Mom's life and interests through the years.  More familiar to me are the golf bag and tennis racquets.  She absolutely loved tennis and thinking of the pleasure it gave her makes me happy.

After looking at Mom's bracelet, I was compelled to dig out my own.  Far fewer charms on it as I think the fad was beginning to wear out in my generation.  I believe that most of the charms were gifts from my parents.  That little round one to the left of the roller skate says "I Love You" when you spin the circle.  
I can't think of a sweeter gift to receive for Mother's Day.
Although my Mom has been gone since 2009, something so personal brought her memories flooding back to me and that's the next best thing to having her here.

Since I know that many of my readers are from the same generation as me, I am wondering how many of you have a charm bracelet still?
If you do perhaps you would consider sharing it on your blogs??


  1. So sweet to have a memento of your mother. I think many of us regret not asking more questions when our parents were alive.

  2. How sweet that you got beautiful flowers from both your husband and son for Mother's Day! No flowers here, but that's OK. Hubby gave me a card and gift card to Dunkn Donuts (I like their iced coffee) and my youngest son, who lives out of state, called me and we chatted for awhile. He is not a card person for any occasion, so I didn't expect one. ;-) As you might be aware, my oldest son passed away in 2009 (he was 21). So Mother's Day is also a hard day for me. My mother is still alive (she's almost 84) so we went to visit her at her house in the afternoon and got her new deck umbrella set up.

    I love your mother's charm bracelet. How lucky you are to have it! I do have mine from childhood, too. If I ever do another blog post (I'm so behind), that's a good idea to post about it. I'd love to share it.

  3. Hello! I love this, my friend. Your mother's charm bracelet is beautiful. How wonderful of your sister to send it to you. Your's is as well! And you should know...my daughter Madison told me recently that they are in style now!!!! I will dig mine out!

  4. What a treasure to have your moms charm bracelet. I had one with many charms on it that I collected through the years.
    My granddaughter Taryn loved it so I gave it to her with a list of what all the charms represented for me. She has probably thrown it away by now. :(

    I noticed you had a roller skate. I had one of those too. I went to the roller rink every Saturday with friends all through high school. :). What great times we had.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty!
    I love that charm bracelet. My mom didn't have one, but I did. I should find it and post a picture. I haven't worn it in forever!

  6. Beautiful flowers and lovely charm bracelets 💗💗💗. I have never had a charm bracelet but I admire them. It was a generous gift from your sister. My own 2 sisters are much younger than I and now that I'm the oldest sibling left they ask questions that we should have asked our parents. Sometimes I have the answers but often I don't.

  7. It looks like you had a really nice Mother's Day! Your flower bouquets are so pretty; I especially love the one with all the pinks! Oh, it brings back memories to see your mother's charm bracelet. I have one very similar; I realized this when I saw the charms for each of the children. Mine has a little boy's head with our son's birth date engraved on it. I don't have nearly as many charms as your mom's has, and mine is yellow gold. I know those are not "in fashion" right now, but this makes me want to start wearing mine again. I've always loved it. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

    I hope you have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. The flowers are so pretty! That charm bracelet is wonderful. What a sweet gift from your sister. I lost my mom in 2007. There a so many questions now I wish I could ask her. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so right about the pollen!!

  9. Love seeing the flowers and the charm bracelets. Yes, I have one. I never wear it anymore. It would be a good topic for a blog. I got it as a teenager and all of the charms were given to me within about 10 years. A little time capsule.

  10. Beautiful flowers!

    No charm braclet here, but I do remember them.


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