Monday, September 17, 2012

Cozy Days

  Hello out there dear blog friends.
I've been doing a bit of fall nesting around here.
A gray and rainy day provided the perfect backdrop for a cozy day spent puttering around bringing little touches of autumnal beauty to my home sweet home.

 A little pumpkin here. . .

A few snips from the nandina bushes there.

A pair of pumpkins here and . . .

plenty of candles sprinkled throughout.
The candles are a must on a gray day like this.
They boost the cozy factor up several notches ;-).

A handful of acorns in a pretty bowl.
Which, by the way, was a recent thrift shop find.
I'm often amazed at what I find there.

I'm keeping my fall decor kind of simple this year.
A few old treasures paired with a few treasures from Mother Nature.  She is so generous to us at this time of year.  I enjoy taking little walks with my snippers and a basket collecting leaves and berries, acorns and autumn hued hydrangeas.  The good thing about that kind of decorating is when it's time to bring out the jolly jingle bells, Mother Nature's gifts can be banished to the compost pile.  Dear Mother won't be offended because they will soon be nourishment for her next growing season.  It's a win-win situation.

Wishing you happy, cozy days in this beautiful season.

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  1. Your house is getting that fallish feeling for sure!

  2. I love your cute little squirrel, he looks so pleased with himself!

  3. Hi Kim!
    I'll be right over to bask in the autumn homeyness! Is there gingerbread?
    (BIG HUG!)

  4. Pom Pom,
    Just let me know when you'll be here and I'll have the gingerbread in the oven. That does sound good now and the smells would be heavenly.

  5. I'll be over, too, Kim, and I would love to have a pumpkin spice coffee, while I admire all your lovely fall touches. Great idea, keep it simple and let Mother Nature do her thing. xo

  6. Such a pretty little table linen! Did you embroider it? I like your idea about decorating for fall. It definitely works as everything looks as cozy as can be.

  7. Vee,
    I did not do the embroidery. It was another thrift shop find.

  8. What a lovely post! I love using natural elements in my fall decorations. I LOVE that amber bowl you found at the thrift shop! Hugs, Linda

  9. You're so right. It's a win-win situation. And free!

  10. I love your fall touches, Kim! I'm about ready to pull out my fall things and decorate. It's time! I could definitely smell fall in the air today.

  11. Kim, you know that I think you have the neatest seasonal stuff. I'd like to have access to the shops where you shop! :D I like your idea of using naturals. Speaking of that. It's that time of year again when I notice the squirrels across the street in my neighbors yard busy among his 3 oaks picking and burying. I just wish they wouldn't cross the street and bury them in my yard. My dog is worn out from chasing them! Maybe I should be thankful for a reason to bend and pull them out next summer? :D

  12. The word that comes to mind for all your fall decorations is delightful. All are so cute. The squirrel looks like the one you gave me that is holding acorns that are salt and pepper shakers. : )

  13. In my book, candles do add so much to the cozy atmosphere in a home, especially when it is raining and overcast. I like your touches, your thrift finds and the way you put it all together. I feel like I can almost smell the cinnamon as I look at each picture. Thanks for putting me in the Fall mood this morning.

  14. Looks so beautiful! Love how pretty everything looks. Enjoy your day!

  15. Hi Kim...such pretty fall touches to cosy up your home for the cooler weather! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Looks so nice, cozy and welcoming. Think I'll try to do a little fall decorating today. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  17. I like your decorating philosophy! I'm trying to be more and more like that with each passing year. It's a process for me, but I'm working towards a simpler life, with less "stuff". Your Autumn hutch decor is really lovely. I like your little squirrel. (I just did a squirrel post today, too.)

  18. Wow, I can't imagine finding a beautiful bowl like that in a thrift shop.... it looks like beautiful carnival glass.

    Your fall decor is perfect to my eye..... I love it!!!

  19. Your autumn decorations look lovely, Kim! Mother Nature does provide us all with the very best...for free!

  20. I love all the fall touches. I also think simple is better. I love that pumpkin with the flowers on it too. I would love for you to link this up to my Feature Friday Linky Party.

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


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