Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pretty and Oh So Peaceful

 ~ Tiger Swallowtail ~

Quietly floating along, they add such a beautiful, graceful note to the garden.  In the early morning hours as I tend to my flowers I take great pleasure in watching them glide in for a gentle landing on the butterfly bushes.  

~ Monarch ~

Watching them perched on the flowers I can't help but marvel at the beauty and fragility of these remarkable beings.  In their own understated way, they remind me to relax, slow down and be present.   Which at that moment means setting down the trowel and stopping for a few moments to absorb the peacefulness these amazing creatures offer as they float through the air.  To me it is so calming. 

~ Spicebush Swallowtail ~

This time of year the butterflies are putting on quite a show.
With butterfly bushes on either side of my patio, sitting on the patio now puts us in the direct flight pattern.  A most delightful place to be :D.

~ Kim



  1. Peaceful and gentle floating in on a breeze... I have a few butterflies every day on the tall white phlox and I love watching them as well.

    Yesterday, I rescued a little caterpillar who was in imminent danger of going down the kitchen sink drain. He'd been brought in on a bunch of cut flowers for a bouquet I was making. He was small and white with distinctive black markings. I probably saved a moth!

  2. They are so beautiful to look at! We have many at this time around our Lantana bushes.
    Your flowers are all so pretty!

  3. So pretty and such peace!

  4. I love butterflies....they are so unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos!

  5. Oh, such pretty creatures! I'm glad you are taking the time to admire them. I bet they LOVE your flowers, Kim.

  6. Gorgeous photos, Kim. I always enjoy butterflies putting on a show. xo

  7. Oh Kim, the butterflies are so beautiful!!!! I haven't seen many around here, maybe it's tooo hot.

  8. Very beautiful photos! I love butterflies as well!

  9. Love butterfles! They are so beautiful and have such a calming effect.

  10. The butterfly photos are so pretty. Peaceful and calming too. : )

  11. It's good to sit back and enjoy the beauty in the garden. What gorgeous shots of the Spiced-Tailed Butterfly.

  12. Hi Kim,

    These photos are sooo pretty! I love the swallowtails and the monarch butterflies. We see so many every summer when we travel to the mountains.

    I'm glad you stopped by for a visit and so glad you enjoyed the post on The Blue Waters Mountain Lodge. It is lovely there, and I'd really like to visit in the fall sometime, too.

    How fun that you were at Lake Norman; I thought perhaps you were at a lake in the mountains. Lake Norman is immense, isn't it? When we drive by, I'm always amazed at the size of it.

    Thanks for your kind comments, Kim, and have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. I can imagine your quiet time in the garden, and I am so thankful that you had your camera with you. These are exceptional butterfly pictures! I am sure the butterflies are happy that they found your gardens.

    I just learned recently, that butterflies taste with their feet. Did you know that?

    Thanks for the beauty to begin my day.


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