Friday, December 27, 2013

A Little Bit of Christmas

 I've gotta say that a baby to share Christmas with added a whole new level of joy to our holiday this year.

It didn't take long for him to figure out how to rip into the wrapping paper...
and we were all ready with our cameras poised to capture the thrill of his first Christmas.

In other Christmas news, I was delighted to be the winner of Donna's giveaway.  A very lovely copy of The Night Before Christmas.  I stumbled upon Donna's blog, An Enchanted Cottage, for the first time when she was sharing one of her family's special Christmas Eve traditions.  You can go here to read all about it.
I am now looking forward to beginning a new tradition with little Jaxson.
Thank you, Donna.

I do hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.
I'm slowly making my way around to hear all of the details.
It seems Santa left a flu bug for Brett and I.  Ugh!
His turn was yesterday & mine is today.  Ha!
Oh that Santa... he doesn't discriminate.

Anyhow, in more pleasant news, are your Christmas decorations still in place or are they put away until next year?
I typically leave mine up until the weekend after new year's day.
There are moments where I'm ready to restore order.  However since that is over a week away I decided to go after a more peaceful and tranquil look here on the blog.

Now I'm taking a cue from Peanut and heading for the couch.
I think a bit of R & R is in order before the new year arrives.

As they say every time I visit Walgreen's...
Be Well. 


  1. Jaxson sure is cute and I do love bald babies!! I didn't get to hug my grand-daughter but at 19 months now she can blow kisses and she likes to play peek-a -boo with me - thanks to Skype.
    Sorry to hear you've been captured by a bug...hopefully it will not linger.
    Take care

    p.s. Cute photo of Peanut looking very comfy!

  2. Babies certainly do add something special to Christmas get togethers. Your little grandson is a darling with those big eyes.
    I like to leave the decorations up until New Year's. I sometimes get itchy to take them down sooner, but it's so lovely to sit in the evening with the tree lights sparkling. I like your new blog header.
    Hope you feel better very soon. The bug seems to be making its way through many homes.

  3. Love Jaxson's Santa pants! : )
    Oh yes, babies do add that extra joy to the day.
    Sorry you and Bret aren't feeling so great. Hope your feeling fine very soon.
    I like to take down the decorations New Year's Day.

  4. Hi Kim, your grandson is so sweet. You are blessed to have him nearby for visits. I do still have my Christmas up and it will stay until Thursday at least. I will leave some winter things out of course as it is definitely that season here now with tons of snow. So far the flu has avoided us and I hope it continues to stay away but it sure is making the rounds of our friends. Take care and be well soon. :)

  5. I love that sweet little guy's expression - and he has the same haircut as my DH!!! I must look for a pair of those Santa Claus trousers for him too, LOL! Glad you had a lovely Christmas - having a wee one to share the festivities with makes it even more special.
    Decorations..............oh the work we're looking at again! Taking down, storing away, a full day set aside or a little bit each day over the coming week - who knows. Mine will probably be the latter as I'm always sad to tuck away the lovely things which only come out for such a short part of the year. But, on the other hand, I love to get back to normal, a more minimal look with less to dust.......a fresh start to a new year feels good.

    Happy New Year to you and your family Kim.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. He is so cute., I have been so sick since Christmas night. Highly allergic to cigarette smoke. I leave my decorations up til the Epiphany. xo

  7. What fun it was for me to step inside your Christmas celebrations for a few minutes. I agree with you in that little ones sure do add special changes. Your pictures of him are adorable!

    So sorry you two were not feeling well. I think you might profit from doing the same thing Peanut is doing:) What a peaceful picture! I hope you are soon feeling much better.

    Happy New Year to you and your family! I appreciate your beautiful, inspiring blog so much.

  8. Oh what a darling boy! I think that babies at Christmas time are perfect...the look on your face is priceless! A gorgeous photo...hope that you are feeling much better soon. (This is my favorite week to enjoy the tree so it's up for another week at least.)

  9. It looked like a wonderful Christmas at your house, Kim, especially with your new grandboy to enjoy! Happy and healthy 2014!


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