Monday, December 30, 2013

Craving Simplicity

 My Christmas decorations remain in place.
The evening glow of the lights still casting their spell on us.
Although I'm finding those pops of Christmas red to be a bit jarring to me by day.
Not quite ready to take on the task of dismantling it all, I find myself craving simplicity.
I find myself taking solace in the bathroom where all is white and creamy.  Nothing to jar the eye or jangle the nerves.

For the past 12 years I've been searching for a shelf or piece of artwork to hang above the bathtub.
At long last the search has paid off. . .  finally a place to corral all of those treasures from the thrift shop.
Of course this necessitated a full-blown scrubbing of the bathtub and knick knacks and those wooden blinds.  When we had the blinds installed many years ago we were given the option of a remote control.  Thinking that sounded like the epitome of laziness I declined that offer.  Now I find it much more challenging to perch on the edge of the tub and reach over to yank that blind cord.  Maybe that remote would have been a good idea after all.  Ah well, live and learn.  But this helps explain why the dusting of the blinds isn't kept up with. :)
Funny how something new in a room can precipitate a desire to make everything else sparkle.  I think it makes us see the room with fresh eyes.  

Speaking of seeing things with fresh eyes,
last night we were able figure out the source of a few little mysteries in the kitchen.  First a small piece of corner molding under the kitchen sink split and was hanging by a thread, then I seemed to wipe black off the floor molding near the dishwasher only to find it back again in a few days.  Last night while talking to Brett in the kitchen as the dishwasher was finishing it's cycle I noticed black along all of the moldings surrounding the dishwasher.  Upon removing the kick plate under the dishwasher it has been discovered that a slow leak has been taking place.  All hardwood floor is black and saturated.
A quick call to the insurance man this morning tells us that slow leaks are not covered under our homeowner's policy.  Fast, unexpected leaks are.

I'm heading back to the sanctuary of my bathroom now...
Calgon take me away.



  1. Oh, insurance. I'm sorry yours won't be covered. Sometimes I wonder what we pay for when so much is excluded.
    A couple more days of Christmas decor around here and then I'll be ready to clean up. I do love the new shelf above your tub - it's funny how something new can trigger a chain reaction of cleaning and reorganizing.

  2. Oh Kim, I hope it is not a major fix but sounds like it might be. :(. Happy New Year to you and Brett. xo

  3. Love your peaceful retreat and the shelf is perfect for your treasures. I'm still enjoying the splashes of Christmas red in my home and want to incorporate more into my after-Christmas décor because it makes me so happy. Hope you get that leak/damage fixed up without any problems and don't "even" get me started on insurance and all their loopholes! :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

  4. Oh Kim! I can see why you need a sanctuary. Your new bath nook does look like a pleasant, relaxing place, but don't spend too much time in there. I'll be muttering about Insurance companies and in need of a sanctuary myself.

  5. Sorry about the leak - I never use my old dishwasher and would dread looking under it as I think little mousies pass through there now and then - but perhaps it's better that no water has been used there! I think I'll have it removed this new year (oh what a lot I plan to do this new year if the money holds out!) and get a new, quiet one which I'll try to love and use! Sorry you have found damage - and being married all this time to a 53 years-in-the-insurance-claims-business guy - yep, he just told me it won't be covered as it comes under normal wear and tear and maintenance!!

    Love the bathroom shelf and pretty display - the angel with bird in nest is so beautiful.

    Enjoyed, as always, your comment today - agree the red is now bothersome to me too, the neutral decorator (though I may change some of this, again in this coming year!). Yesterday I put away red candles and pillows, and the vintage red reindeer will be moving on when I return from First Night Raleigh tomorrow morning..........then down comes the tree and everything else during the next couple of days. Loved it all but time for a change.

    Happiest of new years to you and yours Kim dear - may it be joyous, healthy, and beautiful from start to finish.
    Mary X

  6. Your bathroom looks pretty with the new shelf arrangement. That is a sweet little angel sitting there!
    Sorry to hear about the leak damaging your floor. Our foundation work is set to begin after New Year's day and I'll be needing a sanctuary after all the noise I'm sure that it will bring! I just hope they don't run into more problems once they get started.
    Wishing you a very healthy and happy New Year!!

  7. I like how you put time and thought into decorating pieces that you need, and then I also like how when you find what you want, you share it with us. This new shelf arrangement looks so good! It makes it all look like a relaxing, calming sanctuary.
    I like your decorating taste.


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