Monday, December 9, 2013

All is Calm

 At the end of these busy days I often find myself quite content to be snuggled into bed watching a Christmas movie.  
The only light in the room is my little angel Christmas tree.
Before I set it up I dusted and vacuumed and stashed away all of the everyday knick knacks.
It's such a cozy feeling to be curled up under the covers and look across the room to see this little touch of Christmas.  
I have it on a timer and sometimes I just like laying there enjoying the soft glow as I drift off to slumber land.  

I think it's nice to create special little spots around the home that provide a calm and restful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the season.  
Have you found a favorite place to be calm amidst the hustle and bustle?


  1. What a sweet tree in your bedroom. That is one room that I don't decorate I guess. Your new header is very pretty. I guess I like to enjoy the Christmas lights in our living room. Have a great week.

  2. You have created such a sweet focal point in your bedroom...perfectly comforting. I do love to sit near my tree as I'm doing now listening to carols and visiting friends.

  3. I love your little angel tree, it would make me feel so peaceful and calm. xo

  4. As I read your words and saw the pictures, I could understand the comfort you felt, as you looked at that pretty little tree. I too, love to curl up on the soft chair beside my decorated tree. I love the feel of Christmas. Thanks for sharing another touch of the beauty of your home.

  5. Love your little angel tree! I so love twinkle lights...just that makes me happy and calm.
    I also love your new header. Hope your week is going well.


  6. The peace you feel looking at the tree comes across as you write about it. : ) I remember now that you, vee, and I all have the same Nativity set.
    I like sitting in the chair by our tree looking at the lights. I still have to get the ornaments and tinsel on it, but I love looking at those lights.

  7. It is definitely looking cozy over there! I like to curl up on my bed and enjoy the Christmas lights just outside the windows...the fireplace on and a book in hand are nice too.

  8. I like to tuck a blanket over my knees, prop a pillow behind my back, and curl up on the couch. I can look at the lighted tree or outdoors. Finding peace in the midst of busyness is so lovely. Your angel tree just glows.

  9. Hi Kim! Aw, that's very sweet! I can see why you like to snuggle there!
    I like to decorate my mantle in the family room, but I think I threw away my garlands because they were shabby. Maybe I'll hunt for new ones this weekend.

  10. Clearing the decks. I have been wondering why my decorations are not evoking calm and comfort...and your post made me realize I've plopped Christmas on top of daily life. Today I will remove the extraneous stuff and see if a redo helps. Thank you.

  11. Hi Kim,
    Your lit up tree is pretty, and it must look so nice with the lights glowing in the dark. I like the little angel too, she's sweet.

    Enjoy the Christmas season!



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