Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Soon it Will Be Storytime

 The first Christmas decoration to come out at my house this year is a basket filled with Christmas books for the young and young at heart.

Front and center in the basket.
Since this will be Jaxson's very first Christmas, I know he will like nothing better than to hear his grammy read this very vintage story to him.  hee hee :)

or perhaps he would prefer this one.

These are probably better for girls.
Maybe the colorful pictures will do the trick this year.

The truth is at six months old he's not likely to have a clue what any of these old stories have to say.
But at least he's too young to roll his eyes at grammy's book collection like the rest of the family does.

  I've set up a cuddly reading spot for the two of us.
New memories waiting to be made.
I can hardly wait.
He may not understand the stories, but I hope he will feel the love.

Now if I can just convince one slightly jealous doggy that I still love her too.


  1. So sweet, Kim. Love your header and the last photo is adorable. xo

  2. Aw this is a sweet post. You reminded me to get my books out too. They are such special reminders of the past. That little pillow is adorable.

  3. Love this, Kim. I have a few old Christmas story books, too, and love bringing them out each year. Your blog is looking very festive and pretty.

  4. Kim, I love your vintage children's books and especially like the one by Eloise Wilkin for it's sweet drawings. I'm sure your grandson will enjoy some cuddle time with you on the cozy blanket and hopefully your dog will be okay with it. The little pillow is adorable. Hugs, Pamela

  5. What a fun collection of vintage books you have! Oh my goodness, I actually had some of those books as a child. I am so happy you shared them with us. The cozy, inviting spot you set up for your grandson, is just perfect! That pillow is something I would definitely have in
    my home. It is so pretty! Did you buy it or make it? Your grandson is fortunate to have
    a grandma like you.

    1. Thank you, Judy. The pillow was purchased at a craft fair in Tennessee several years ago.

  6. What a great collection of children Christmas books and I love that you have them all in a basket.
    I'm sure Jaxon will enjoy the reading and most of all feel your love. : )

  7. What a cute picture of the dog sitting in the cozy spot, Kim!
    You're a good granny! I love your books.

  8. It's also my granddaughter's first Christmas! She loves to sit on my lap and have me read to her. She even has her favorite stories already!

    Eloise Wilkins is one of my favorite children's book illustrators. I buy every book I see that she has illustrated. :)

  9. It's so much fun to cuddle and read stories. Babies just love the sound of your voice. I always loved reading poetry to my boys! And I love your sweet collection of books. Golden books are pure joy, aren't they? Sweet hugs!

  10. Love all the children's Christmas books. I'm sure Jaxson will love the cuddle time and the sound of your voice reading them.

  11. I'm smiling at your great collection of books! Christmas will be most special for you this year...with Jaxon being a part of your celebrations.

  12. He will definitely feel the love even if he doesn't understand the words yet. Have fun cuddling Jaxson and reading this Christmas!
    And enjoy your weekend!


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