Friday, April 25, 2014

Planning Ahead

 The daffodils and hyacinths have come and gone.
Gone until next year.
The final act to our spring bulb show is the tulips.
So glad I decided to add some under the fountain last fall.
It makes for a cheery greeting when I open the front door.
Tulips behave like an annual here in the southern USA.
You might get a few blooms from them next year or you might not.  If you want a reliable presentation it's best to dig them out and start with new bulbs in the fall.

 I'm so glad to have received this catalogue in the mail.
Makes planning for next spring's garden so much easier.
Right now I can still see where the current bulbs bloomed and where it might be nice to add a few more.  If I wait until fall to do this I have to guess at exactly where those bulbs are planted.
Yesterday I spent several hours whipping my perennial bed into shape.  The weeds were doing their best to take over.  Once this task was completed it was most pleasurable to prop my feet up and begin planning ahead for next year's garden.  I don't always plan ahead, but when it happens it's a good feeling.

Hope your weekend is a Happy one.


  1. Garden planning is a real art. I've taken photos this spring just to record where the bulbs are blooming since I can never remember in the fall. I leave the bulbs in the ground here, but like to add new ones, too. Your fountain surrounded by tulips is a very pretty sight. Have a good weekend Kim.

  2. Love your tulips. Such a happy flower! Would you believe I got up to see everything covered in the white stuff again! We were suppose to get mixed rain and snow, well not us we got it in mostly snow! I'll have to dream about spring for another while I guess.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. The tulips are beautiful by your fountain. There are some buds on my tulips and should be opening in the not to distant future.

  4. The tulips by your fountain look wonderful. We are so far behind, I don't know when we'll see tulips. I love gardening catalogues; however, my budget is not safe around them.

  5. Kim, your tulips and the flower bed are so pretty! You are so smart to start planning for next year already. We are long past tulips here. It is already getting into 80s and low 90s!!

  6. Your tulips are beautiful, Kim! One of my favorite spring flowers.

  7. When people plan ahead for their next years gardens, especially when their own gardens look like yours, I get so inspired. Thank you! Believe me, I need that inspiration, because planning ahead does not come naturally for me.


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