Saturday, April 19, 2014

Treasuring the Moments

The moments leading up to Easter have been busy around here.
As the spring flowers continue to reveal their beauty, I've been cherishing the firsts in his little life.  
Normally this would have been a time for dragging boxes of Easter decor from the attic for me.
But, when asked if I'd like to accompany them to the park to let him crawl on the grass for the first time...  it's off we go.  As the sun warmed our bodies, watching him explore the great big outdoors warmed my heart.  
As Easter drew nearer and I felt the need to be making the menu and grocery list, the idea for joining him for his first Easter Egg Hunt seemed like a much more appealing idea so... off we go again.
Here it is almost Easter and the bins never came out of the attic.
Instead I picked up a few Easter plants (that will later be planted in the garden) to decorate the table.  A pink tablecloth, a bowl of colored eggs, bowls of colorful candy and a few pastel candles.  So simple and yet still festive.  
The carrot cake has been baked and will have a dual purpose this year. Happy Birthday to me :).   Ha... how's that for a shameless plug?  I'm celebrating another year today... a year filled with joy and love and also a year of treasuring the moments.
I saved one carrot for Peanut.  Tomorrow she officially becomes a teenager.  It's taken her awhile to warm up to Jaxson, but for the most part they are now friends

   Well, I guess it's time for me to finish up my food preparations.
I've been missing my blogging time and hope to get back to visiting you all soon.  Until then I want to wish each of you a very   
Happy Easter.


  1. Happy birthday, Kim! Peanut is so cute! Jaxson is cute, too!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Aw, Jaxon is so cute! I love watching wee ones as they explore the earth and grass for the first time. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter with your family. Pamela

  3. Oh, Kim, this will be such a special Easter! Jaxon's first! He is so sweet. Happy Easter! Twyla

  4. I love the picture of Jaxson and peanut cute! Your Easter decorations sound perfect.
    Happy Happy Birthday to you! Happy Easter as well


  5. Happy Birthday Kim.
    Jaxson has really grown - what a cutie he is and it is just great that you got to do a few firsts with him. : )

  6. Jaxson is growing so wonderfully! I know how special all these "firsts" are with a grandchild and you are fortunate to be able to see them and treasure them, Kim.

    Have a very Happy birthday and a blessed and happy Easter!

  7. Happy know how to celebrate well! Blessings this Easter. What a cutie your grandson is and you must show more photos because this is just shocking to see how fast he is growing.

  8. Happy Birthday to you dear blogging friend! I hope you had a real special one! As for the stashed away bins that you still have not retrieved, well, I have learned they can always wait until another year. Things can wait, especially when little ones are around. I liked reading this post. You share your heart thoughts, and I could understand them. Your little guy is so precious! I like the picture of him and the Easter bunny.

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you were well celebrated and that you had a joyous and meaningful Easter as well. Isn't it fun having a grandchild to share in all the festivities?


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